Aldactone for Acne – Does it Help Acne? Here is the Truth

There are many ways of treating acne, starting from the natural or traditional ways until modern ways or such topical treatment. Consuming Aldactone for acne treatment is somehow the step that is taken by many women to get rid of their acne. We can’t deny that most of the sufferer for acne or any other sin issues is women. The one who tries many ways to treat their skin is women as well.

Does Aldactone Work for Acne?

Aldactone is made for women’s hormones only. Using Aldactone for acne treatment is working for many women as well. According to the expert working in dermatology and stuffs, Androgen plays significant role in the production of oil on the surface of our facial skin by the sebaceous glands.

Aldactone for Acne

Aldactone is the materials made under the function to reduce natural Androgen. Moreover, Androgen is also the part that responsible for the hormonal process such as the hair growth and sebum production, which we all know it can lead to the appearance of acne on the surface of our face. That is why consuming Aldactone is useful for women especially, because Aldactone works with the hormone of androgen and estrogen just like testosterone on male.

Side Effects

However, there are some side effects that you might get after consuming Aldactone. Firstly is that Aldactone is diuretic. After all, male also CAN consume Aldactone, it somehow helps with being responsible with hormonal things. So male also worth trying Aldactone, however, it is more recommended for women even by dermatologists.

How to Use

Before taking Aldactone, you need to visit the dermatologist nearby to make sure whether the cause of your acne is related to the function of Aldactone or not. Well, if the dermatologist says that your acne is caused by hormonal imbalance like pregnancy, menstruation, obesity, and others, then it would be beneficial for you to take Aldactone.

  • First of all is about the dosage. Usually, dermatologists will start with 25 mg once a day. You should ask your doctor about the correct dose for your condition.
  • Secondly, is about the time. Take the medication in the morning with the meal or a glass of water. If you have to take twice a day, then you can take in the morning and at night before sleeping. Those are the best times to take such medication.


Aldactone is a drug or such medicine that treats acne by reducing the natural androgen which can lead our facial skin to the hormonal acne. So it is suitable for you who suffer hormonal can. It is recommended for women, however, men also CAN take this as the medication for acne but not really recommended since this really works on women at most. Taking Aldactone is done after you consult with your doctor or dermatologist.

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