Armpit Pimples (Underarm) – How to Get Rid, Causes and Prevention

Armpit pimples is probably not really a big deal. It is particularly if we talk about our daily appearance. Yes, such pimples will not be visible. However, it doesn’t mean you can just let it be without doing anything. Pimples are pimples wherever they are. Although nobody else can see it, it is still painful, isn’t it? Your activities can also be disturbed for this matter. The more terrible thing is also the fact that your pimples can be a sign that your body is not already in a good condition.

What Causes Pimples under the Armpits?

Actually, pimples, wherever they are, are occurred due to similar causes. The causes can be sweat, dirt, dust, bacteria, hormone, your bad psychology condition and some others. Besides, the use of wrong deodorant or body soap can also be another factor if there is underarm pimple. More than that, your pimples are actually an indicator whether your body inside is already in a good condition or not. Yes, in fact, all the parts in our body are actually connected each others.

Armpit Pimples (Underarm)

How to Get Rid of Pimple under Armpit

1. Changing Your Lifestyle

As the pimples can also be a sign that our body is not healthy enough, the starting point to get rid of them is by changing your lifestyle. Yes, it is much better to apply such healthier lifestyle. You can change your daily consuming mainly if your favorite foods are junk foods or those which are fried or baked. You can learn to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables as well as drink more pure water. Don’t forget to do exercise regularly especially in the morning. You can also start to reschedule your daily activities. Make sure that you have enough time to sleep and take a rest in order to keep your body healthier and also to reduce stress.

2. Home Remedies

Sure, aside from curing your pimples from the inside, you also need to do something directly to your pimples. One of them is by taking advantages of home remedies. Home remedies are a very good alternative as it is easy to find around while the price of each is cheap as well. So, what are they?

a. Honey

From a very long time ago, honey is well-known as a liquid which is very beneficial to our health and beauty. Your underarm pimples can also be cured by using honey anyway. Sure, you need to use the natural honey rather than those which are already mixed by other ingredients like sugar and others. The way to use it is very easy.

  • Smear the honey on the parts where the pimples are.
  • Let it dry for minutes. Sure, as it is on your armpit, it seems you should raise your hands for a moment.
  • After it is dry, wash it using warm water until it is clean.

b. Aloe Vera

Another kind of home remedies you can use is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is also really good to keep your skin smooth as well as overcoming skin problems including pimples. The way to use it is also very easy.

  • Take out the gel of Aloe Vera from its cover.
  • Smear it on your pimples are some areas around.
  • Wait it for some minutes after you ensure that the gel is already dry. Similar with what you do using honey, you can wash and clean it with warm water.

c. Lime or Lemon Water

One of the most effective ways to get rid of the armpit pimples is by using vitamin C. As you know, vitamin C is always effective to reduce the skin problem. Interestingly, there are actually so many sources of vitamin C around us. Some of them are lime and also lemon. If you want to try them to cure your acne, the way is so easy.

  • Squeeze the lime or lemon water
  • Then, smear it on the parts of pimple.
  • To make the pimples go away faster, do this at least twice a day before cleaning it using warm water.

If you don’t find any lime or lemon, you can also use tomato or strawberry.

3. Going to the Dermatologist

Well, if there is no one of those points able to fix your acne problem, there is no other choice. You have to go to the dermatologist or beauty care center to get more treatments. Commonly, after checking up your condition, your dermatologist will give you ointment to be smeared and also drugs to be consumed.


Preventing is much better than medication of course. Therefore, it is much better to apply such a healthy lifestyle in order to make pimples stay away from your body. Having good daily intake and exercising regularly is very important. Meanwhile, you also need to care your body more by washing it cleanly when showering and taking a bath. One thing which is not less important, you must learn to manage your stress so that it will not give impact to your body.

Pimple can be a big problem indeed. It is even the pimples are placed on a hidden part like in armpit. Making sure that your lifestyle is good is the main key to overcome and also prevent this problem. Besides, you should also apply the right treatment so that the curing process can be done faster and more effectively.

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