Black Pimple – Cause, How to Get Rid and Prevention

Pimples are enemy for everyone, especially for women. Pimples will destroy their flawless face because it will leave scars, particularly black pimple. The scars also affect the degree of confidence of women. Women are afraid of being single for the whole life because of pimples.

They are also afraid that their infected face cannot attract men since beauty, especially face, is the first thing than men will look at women.

Black Pimple on Face


For women, there are several conditions which can cause pimples in their faces or on back. The most common cause is the increasing of androgen hormone which effect on the production of oil glands. The second cause is due to the period. Pimples will indicate that their period is coming as well other symptoms like mood swing, back pain and stomach cramps.

The third cause is the lifestyle in which women are lazy to wash their face before going to the bed or after other activities. If they do not wash their face or remove their make-up, the bacteria that come from pollution are still on their face. The bacteria will stuff up the pore and it will cause pimples.

How to Get Rid of Black Pimples

When women have black pimples, they want to get rid of it as soon as possible. They want to the pimples do not leave any scars in their face. The most common thing to get rid of the pimples is by popped out the pimples. However, it is the wrong way. There is an easy way to treat black head pimple by olive oil. We can apply olive oil with combination with other substances like the explanation below.

1. Combination of Olive Oil with Lemon Juice

If we want natural way to get rid of black pimple without any side effect, we can try this combination. Olive oil with lemon juice is the best combination for our skin because olive oil contains natural moisturizer and lemon juice contains vitamin C. There are some steps to apply the combination of olive oil and lemon juice.

  • Prepare one teaspoon of olive oil and one spoonful squeezed lemon.
  • Mix the olive oil and the lemon juice in the bowl.
  • Dip the cotton ball into the liquid.
  • Apply the olive oil and lemon juice in the skin, especially in the part that contains black pimple.
  • Let the liquid infiltrates into the pore for five or ten minutes.
  • Wash your face.

2. Combination of Olive Oil with Salt

Even though it is rare, but salt can be the best medicine for this pimple when it combines with olive oil. There are easy way to apply olive oil and salt for the pimples.

  • Prepare olive oil and salt.
  • Mix both of them until becomes condense liquid or paste.
  • Apply it in the skin like applying facial foam.
  • Wash your face.


Furthermore, we can prevent the pimples, especially black pimples that will leave the scars, by paying attention of our lifestyle. We must avoid oily food, junk food, instant food or other foods which contains chemical substance like MSG.

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