Blood Filled Pimples – Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Blood filled pimples is a kind of pimple that’s caused by cystic acne. This pimple appears due to blocked pores so that oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria get trapped in the skin. As a consequence, it makes irritation and inflammation in that area. Pimple generally occurs at puberty age. When the pimple gets bleeding, don’t press it. This is a common beauty problem disturbing your activities. Irritating pimple sometimes gets more serious when you eat wrong foods. This is getting a more serious condition on the pimple.

The blood filled pimple is difficult to cure especially its spots. Don’t use cosmetics products and manage your eating habit. Prevent sea and meat foods to restore the cell system of the skin. You must be patient because it requires a long time and process to cure it. You may take beauty treatments as well under the control of therapists or skin doctors to monitor your irritating pimple.

Blood Filled Pimples

Causes of Blood Filled Pimple

Having a bleeding and irritating pimple is very annoying and disturbing. Pimple filled with blood doesn’t get bleeding but it is not catchy to see. This pimple will be painful whether it is touched or not. Recognizing the cause is very important to know because it is so harmful if it lets. There are some causes of this pimple.

  1. Unhygienic Cosmetics Products. Cosmetics products that are used randomly can cause infection on the skin. Unhygienic cosmetics products will accelerate and stimulate the growth and development of bacteria on the acne and pimple. You must be aware of a kind of unhygienic cosmetics product in order that the pimple is not filled blood.
  2. Pressing the Pimple. Blood filled pimple is often caused by pressing it by hands. Though it is sometimes regarded to be a myth, but it influences the pimple. Dirty hands can move bacteria from hands to your pimple. As a consequence, the pimple will be irritated so that many bacteria and virus are developing.
  3. Oil on the Face. The production of too much oil on the face can make acnes and pimples worse. This contributes to create pimples. It will change pimples to be bleeding and irritating.
  4. The Condition of Skin. If your skin is dirty, bacteria will grow. This is causing the appearance of acnes on your skin. When your skin produces much sweat, you must keep attention on touching. You must concern on the cleanliness of your hands. You shouldn’t wash your face too hard and use chemical foam to destroy the skin cells. Don’t often use hot water because it gets worse the condition of pimple.

Blood Filled Pimples Treatment

There are some ways on how to get rid of blood filled pimple. The ways are natural and easily practical to do at home. These are categorized to be home remedies.

1. Honey

This home remedy of blood filled pimple uses honey. The application of honey on the pimple is much recommended. It contains various kinds of nutrition that is appropriate for keeping beauty and health of the body. The honey can decrease the irritation. This is also able to clean the infection of pimple. The use of honey can be applied routinely until it will have cured.

  • Apply honey evenly on the face and wait for 20 minutes.
  • After that, rinse it with warm water and dry it with dry towel.

2. Lime

Lime is fresh and beneficial for face. It has been popular of good drinking including the skin health. This natural home remedy can reduce the pimple. The content of acid has a feature of antibacterial that is suitable to cure this pimple. You can make lime mask for curing pimples.

  • Slice lime into two parts and get fermentation by squeezing and keeping it into a bottle.
  • Wait for a further day before applying it on the pimple.
  • Use it routinely to cure blood pimple.

3. Cold Water

Cold water is decreasing blood circulation and flow to a part of body. The application of cold water can prevent the appearance of irritating pimple spot. This is also an alternative way to reduce pimples filled with blood by using ice tubes covered by towel. Press it on the pimple during 10 minutes to get smaller the pimple.


Blood filled pimple is the worst condition. This is a beauty problem for your face skin. In order to prevent this pimple attacking you, there are some preventing actions to do.

1. Consuming Healthy Foods

Healthy food is the best food choice that doesn’t contain fat, coloring, and sugar. It is better to avoid the foods stimulating blood pimple by consuming healthy foods. The healthy foods include vegetables, and fruits.

2. Don’t Touch Your Pimple

After you consume healthy foods, don’t ever touch your pimple randomly with dirty hands especially when you don’t know the condition of your hands whether it is clean or not. Touching pimple is usually conducted almost all the time. To anticipate this action, you must be accustomed to avoid touching your pimple to prevent irritation and bleeding condition. It is better to prevent it than cure it. So, let the pimple get cure naturally. It is great to clean your hands if you want to touch your pimple.

3. Using Sterile Pimple Tools

Cleaning beauty tools like facial tools that will be used are important to prevent infection of pimple filled with blood from bacteria and virus of those beauty tools. Bleeding pimple becomes different acne from a common pimple. You must consult it to the doctor if it doesn’t cure after you conduct some prevention.

Those are some things, ways, and prevention to anticipate the growth of this pimple on the skin. You must obey those anticipations in order that the pimple is not getting serious and more irritated. Home remedies above tend to be safe and no dangerous side effects.

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