Chest Acne – How to Get Rid, Causes and Prevention

The existence of chest acne might possibly happen to anyone. That is including you or the people around you. Getting much more information related to the acne which happen or exists on the area of the chest might be helpful to give you information about dealing with such the problem and preventing the possibility including the occurrence.

Actually pimples can happen to any area of the skin surfaces. That is especially often happens to face and body skin. Chest becomes one of the common areas which are infected by the acne. Getting rid of such the problem would not be hard if we know the info and the tips to deal with that thing. Getting to know about what might cause acne on chest is also that really helpful and needed. So, we will know what actually happens which then cause the pimples which happen to the chest or even any other body area.

Chest Acne

Chest Acne Causes

There are some factors which might possibly cause the pimples on chest. One of the most common factors is about the clogged glands of the sweat and also sebum. When it happens, then we will commonly find the acne with whitehead. The chest area often becomes the closed area which is covered by our outfits. That is why that becomes the high risk of the pimples problems.

Another possible factor which can cause acne on chest is about the kind of fabric which we wear. The outfits with the fabric which can cause the improper thermoregulation will cause such the pimple problems to the area of your chest. That is including if you wear the outfits made of the synthetic fabric material. Too tight outfits will also increase the risk of pimples. The acne which happen to the chest can also be caused by the hormonal imbalance and even as the reaction of allergy.

How to Get Rid of Chest Acne Fast

Here are some ideas on how to get rid of acne on your chest which might often make us feel that disturbed.

1. Lemon

Lemon is one of the great ideas of the home remedies to treat acne on chest. Surely, using the natural ingredient as like lemon will be such the good idea for you to try. That is because by using the natural home remedies as like lemon, it offers the less risk. That will be helpful for you dealing with such the problem of pimples.

Since lemon is acidic, it will be that great to get rid of acne. That can help cleansing the dirt which makes the pores are clogged and might cause the pimple. So, what are the steps? Here is the brief explanation of the steps.

  • Get the juice of a lemon
  • Apply to the infected area, which is the chest area with pimples.
  • Leave it for about a half of an hour
  • Wash it thoroughly using the fresh water

However, besides that way, you also can do the simple way, you can get some slices of lemon, and rub them to your chest area so that the lemon juice will be directly applied to the chest skin. Then, do the same steps above. You can get such this treatment at least twice per week.

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is another great idea for the natural chest pimple. The pimples can be removed effectively using the oatmeal it will absorb a bunch of the excessive oil on your skin effectively. That will also effectively clean your skin pore properly so that it can help to deal with your clogged pores as well. Here are some steps that you can try in getting the effective oatmeal treatment to deal with the pimples:

  • Cook some oatmeal properly
  • Let it be warm and mix it with matcha or green tea powder and honey, mix well to be a paste
  • Rub the paste onto the area of the chest which is infected by the acne
  • Rinse it properly using the warm water, and apply skin toner

Those are the simple step which you can try to deal with the problems. If you have no green tea powder, you can also replace it with the tea tree oil.

3. Baking Soda

Having a bunch of stock of baking soda can also be utilized as the great weapon to get rid of this acne. Baking soda will be effectively yet naturally help exfoliating the skin. That also helps to remove the dead skin cells properly yet effectively so that they would not clog the pores as well which might also cause the pimples. Baking soda has the properties for anti-inflammatory. That will help reducing the pimples amount on your chest effectively. Here are the steps to use baking soda.

  • Mix water and baking soda properly to be paste form
  • Apply the baking soda paste onto the chest area
  • Leave it to the chest for about 7 minutes, please notice for not too long
  • Rinse properly using the water

You can get this treatment 1-2 times in a week regularly. Use the pure baking soda to ensure about its effectiveness.


To prevent acne on your chest, there are some steps to do. One of them is consuming proper fresh water daily and keeps your body properly hydrated. Then, never forget to notice your diet. Having the healthy and balance diet will help to prevent the pimples on your chest. You also need to choose the fabric of the outfits which give you comfort. The fabrics as like cotton or linen will be a good idea since they will help absorbing the sweat properly and avoid the clog pores. Doing exercise and dealing with the stress will also be effective to remove your pimples effectively.

This problems can happen to anyone. Still, if you are experiencing the problem, you can simply try to deal with them by some effective yet natural home remedy treatments. The key for the success is about the regular treatments which we do. Then, you can also try to prevent such the possibility of pimples on chest by doing the prevention actions as mentioned above.

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