Things You Should Know Before Doing Cortisone Shot for Acne

Do you feel like giving up getting rid of your acne? Trying cortisone shot for acne would be your last effort in curing your pimples on your face. Cortisone is a chemical drug that is released in our body in response to pimples or acne. Cortisone is usually used in the case when the acne has changed or turned into cysts or nodules, big pimples which are about 5mm in diameters. Those acne cases are resistant with such topical cream.

Does Cortisone Shot Help Acne?

Having cortisone shot or injection is also recommended by many dermatologists after all. Other than this is fast way to flatten the pimples which are big on the surface of our face, this is guaranteed that your acne would disappear within 2 days. That is why having cortisone shots for acne treatment is recommended for you who need to get rid of your acne fast.

Cortisone Shot for Acne

Cortisone is basically a steroid drug which is a corticosteroid. That is a steroid hormone which is produced in the area of the adrenal gland. This cortisone steroid is helping in reducing scars, redness and also the pain that is usually felt by you when the acne has changed into cysts or such nodule. This kind of acne cannot be healed fast so having this treatment is good on how this chemical drug heals fast to flatten your big annoying pimple.

Side Effects

Yes indeed cortisone shot gets rid of acne, however, there are side effects of using cortisone shot. Most effects that felt by the person who have cortisone shot is the atrophy around the affected area. Atrophy is such wide holes on the surface of your face that appears after having cortisone shot. This has somehow appeared temporary, so you don’t have to be worried about this.

Besides, having a cortisone shot on the surface of your facial skin is somehow painful. Since the cortisone is naturally produced inside of your skin after it is being injected, then you might get allergy if your skin doesn’t respond well to the cortisone shot. So, you should consider many things before having a cortisone shot with your dermatologists.

How to Do Cortisone Shot Treatment

Well, you cannot do cortisone shot for acne treatment by yourselves at home. Even a professional dermatologist would rather get treatment than do it by themselves.

  • Firstly, you have to make an appointment for your dermatologist to do a consultation regarding cortisone shot and your skin. It is important whether you really need cortisone shot or it can be done through another way.
  • After getting the agreement, then you can directly do the cortisone shot with your nearby dermatologist.
  • The shot would be done through the injection, which is injecting the cortisone steroid directly to the surface of your skin. That would be done after making sure that your skin is clean enough.


Cortisone is a natural chemical drug which function is in response towards skin inflammation of our facial skin. Having cortisone shots for acne treatment is recommended when the condition of the acne has become cyst or nodule. There are several side effects that you need to know before doing this injection. Consulting with your dermatologist is recommended to get agreement on doing cortisone shot.

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