Dairy And Acne – Does Dairy Cause Acne? Here Are the Facts

Acne might be the biggest problem ever since it will make us get annoyed. Moreover, acne will distract our look and even will bring some pain that cannot be resisted. Since there are many types of acne, we cannot anticipate too much of this acne. Different type of acne will be different causes. There are more hundred causes of acne, which each of them will lead to different types of acne.

Basically, we already knew that acne will appear in bad condition of our skin that is influenced by food, weather, and psychological condition. From food, some already believe that dairy will lead to acne. So, is it true there is a relation between dairy and acne?

Dairy And Acne

Does Dairy Cause Acne?

Dairy products are all of the products which contained milk. Cheese, ice cream, and even milk itself are dairy products that believed can lead acne on your face. Is it true that there is a relation between acne and dairy? The answer is yes. It might be the best way if you are on a diet program to get rid slowly the consumption of dairy in daily life. Some say why we have to get rid of dairy from best essential minerals, calcium, and vitamins.

Basically, there are some reasons why there is a relation between them. Yes, dairy will lead to acne on your face getting worst. If you have not any acne problem yet, you have to reduce little by little the consumption of dairy. If you have a big problem with your acne, it is the time to stop to get in touch with any kind of dairy products. Some research showed that milk which is part of dairy product contains ingredients that lead the acne breakouts badly.

There are two big reasons why you should not consume milk for better skin. First, milk contains of IGF-1. This IGF-1 is really good for hormone growth. It will be the best for baby cows, but will not be for us. In our puberty or even in adult, IGF-1 will make your acne get bigger and bigger. Also, it will also lead to inflammation as the cause of acne. Second, the more you consuming milk the more your skin produces oil. As we know that acne is caused by excess sebum which will block your pores. Then, there are dairy glues in milk which will be combined as one with dead skin cells in your pores so that it will block your pores. It could not exist naturally, which leads to acne.


IGF-1 and dairy glues which are contained in dairy products will make your pore blocked easily. IGF-1 has functioned for hormone growth so that it will be worse for your skin’s health. Moreover, IGF-1 also causes inflammation in a human’s body so that it will lead to acne. Then, the dairy glues also the worst since it will clog your pores.

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