Dark Spots From Acne – How to Get Rid (Treatment), Prevention & Causes

Some of us are unluckier than others when it comes to acne. When most people have a problem with acne during their adolescence days which corresponds to a problem with hormones, some people still continue having acne outbreaks until they reach middle age. Sometimes there are dark spots from acne. This is one of the acne outbreaks. For some people, the dark spots never appear on their face, others can have red spots which can be treated with some treatments.


As the title said, the cause of dark spots is from acne. Furthermore, the dark spots that appear around acne is the result from a condition called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Sometimes these dark spots are unnoticeable and fairly light and sometimes they appear as large dark marks. Excessively dry skin can cause it. Moisturizers that we use can also cause dark spots if the product contains alcohol or salicylic acid.

Dark Spots From Acne

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots from Acne

1. Lemon Juice

The best treatment for these annoying dark spots is lemon juice. As we know that it is naturally acidic and contains bleaching agents which will get rid of the dark pigment found in dark spots. How to use lemon juice?

  • Prepare fresh lemon juice and cotton ball.
  • Apply lemon juice using a cotton ball in the affected area.
  • Left it around twenty minutes and wash your face with cool water. Do this method twice a day for two months to get the best result. Soon your dark spots will disappear without a trace.

2. Papaya

The tropical fruit is amazing for treating all kinds of skin conditions including dark spots. Papaya has a powerful enzyme that helps to get rid of acne, skin blemishes, and also dark spots!

  • Get a fresh papaya which has been smashed to a pulp, or you can grate it.
  • Apply papaya to the dark spots on the skin directly and left it for around 20 minutes
  • Use this method a couple times each day until you get the result.

3. Aloe Vera

Besides healing sunburn, aloe Vera can be used to heal dark spots.

  • Rub a fresh aloe Vera on the dark spots and left it around an hour.
  • Wash your face with cold water and repeat this method twice a day for a month.


  • Always apply sunscreen of at least 30 SPF every time you go outside. Sun light will make the spots become darker.
  • Apply a borage oil supplement to the dark spots. The oil should have omega 6 to stimulate new skin to grow. It can also reduce the redness and inflammation, which contribute to scarring.
  • Never squeeze or pick the pimple because it makes the scar worse.

Dark spots are the result of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and dry skin. Use home remedies such as lemon juice, papaya, or aloe Vera to treat them. And don’t forget to take prevention, such as using sunscreen, never pick the pimple, and take a borage oil supplement.

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