What Type Of Pimple Do You Have? Here are the Different Types of Pimples

Having problem with pimple or acne sometimes makes us becomes very annoyed. It will make some people feel uncomfortable with their appearance. Not merely deals with our appearance when the acne is in our face, sometimes, it also means that we have problem with our skin. Thus, to prevent all bad things that can be caused by pimple, it will be good to understand many things related to it.

To help you to understand deeper about pimple, here we have the list of types of pimples for you. Are you curious about it?

Different Types of Pimples

Several Types of Common Pimples under Acne Vulgaris

As we know that pimple can attack most each part of your body randomly, the pimple types are so varied. Firstly, we are going to explain about several kinds of pimples under the classification of Acne Vulgaris, which are Cysts, Nodules, Pustules, Papules, Whiteheads and Blackheads.

1. Blackheads

Start with Blackheads, this kind of pimple is categorized as the most common pimple that attack people around the world. This kind of pimple usually grows in the nose area. Based on the name, the pimple will look like a black lumps area on your skin.

2. Whiteheads

Meanwhile, the next kind of pimple is Whiteheads pimple. When the previous pimple will have the black color in its area, this one will have the white color in its look. Actually, the white spots that can be found in this kind of pimple is actually oil glands that become the problem for your skin. This kind of pimple usually grows because of the excessive production of oil in the face.

3. Papules

It is the next type of pimple that belongs to the category of Acne Vulgaris. Papules will look like small dots with the red color in your face. Sometimes, it will be sensitive to touch this kind of pimple, but sometimes it is not that sensitive to touch the pimple.

4. Pustules

It will be the type of pimple that can lead into the dark spots after it is being touched. It also can lead into the permanent scars. The appearance of this pimple is actually a white spot with the centre that have the color that’s similar with pale yellow. This kind of pimple is very sensitive to be touched. After Pustules, we have Cysts and Nodules as the part of pimple types under the classification of Acne Vulgaris.

5. Cysts and Nodules

In look, have larger appearance, when it compared with the pustules and papules. Besides that, it is also a painful pimple that’s very sensitive to be touched. Meanwhile, Cyst is the type of pimple that is big, deep and very painful. When you find cysts, it would be better to ask your doctor to find the solutions about it.

Those pimple types belong to the classification of Acne Vulgaris. Besides Acne Vulgaris, we still have Acne Mechanica, which happens because of the effect of excessive friction and heat between the skin. Then, Acne Fulminans that usually can be found in young men. It can have the symptoms such as fever and some aches in their joint. Besides that, it also can leave the scars. Then, there is still Acne Rosacea, Pyoderma Faciale and Acne Conglobata that have different appearances and causes.

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