Do Probiotics Help With Acne? Here is The Truth

When you have dull skin you can scrub away the dirt with soap that has an antibacterial. When you have oily skin in T-zone area, you can strip it off with toner or cleanser with antiseptic properties. There are many beauty products are using anti properties on it, but now beauty chemist changing their tactics.

Instead of using anti, they use pro which is probiotics as their new weapon for every skin problem. They don’t kill bacteria anymore, but they search the benefit of that bacteria and trying to figure it out how to combine them with probiotics. The result is probiotics for acne is now recommended for your skin care.

Probiotics for Acne

If you heard the word “probiotic” maybe it reminds you of yogurt. Yes, probiotics are supplements in yogurt. The supplements will help increase the amount of good bacteria. The bacteria in probiotic products are friendly bacteria in our digestive system. Whether it is ingestible or topical, probiotic products are very good for our body and skin. The presence of probiotics can kill harmful bacteria, enhance the intestinal lining, and strengthen our immune system if we consume it regularly.

Do Probiotics Help With Acne?

Yes of course!

Probiotics for acne is really works. When harmful bacteria in our body get interact with our immune system, it will produce changes in our skin. Many dermatologists explain that harmful bacteria will injure the stomach lining. This will make it more permeable. When our stomach is lining become permeable. Irritating substance will float into our bloodstream instead of being excreted. Then the immune system will fight the harmful bacteria and the result is inflammatory chemicals will get released throughout our body. Inflammatory chemicals are responsible for acne, pimple, redness, and itching. So, your skin will get worse when your immune system worse.

Therefore, it makes sense that people who consume probiotics foods or drinks regularly often start having better skin than before. You can compare someone who drink yogurt often and the one who don’t. Besides their health, you will notice the difference of their skin. The skin of yogurt drinker is much clearer.

Essentially, probiotics are like an army that will fight for our well being. As for skin, it is also a good treatment. It can kill acne-causing bacteria and also reduce inflammation chemicals in our body. Besides acne, probiotics can also cure stress, fatigue, irritable bowel, bloating, and painful joints.


When you decided to use probiotics to cure acne and other skin problems, it is a good solution, but also requires a bit of patience to get the result. Probiotics can be eaten in pill or liquid from. You can find probiotics pills in drugstore. As for yogurt, the result may be a little longer than taking pills. When taking the pills, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction. Probiotics can be used as your treatment and skin care. It can kill harmful bacteria and reduce inflammatory chemicals that often causing skin problems such as acne.

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