Does Biotin Cause Acne? Here Are the Facts

Consuming more vitamin will help you in fulfilling your body’s needs. However, there are some of the vitamins that cannot be consumed more since there are some effects about it. One of them is biotin which is also known as B7 and Vitamin H. Some say that by consuming biotin leads to acne and it is unnecessary to consume it.

Does biotin cause acne? It might be on your mind. You might already confuse with taking this kind of vitamin since you are too scared about the effect of consuming biotin. Actually, there are two sides related to biotin and acne. What is that?

Biotin and Acne

The Possibility of Acne Breakouts, after Consuming Biotin

Biotin or also known as vitamin B7 is known for helping in growing hair more. This vitamin B7 also usually found on your hair. That is why biotin has function in helping the growth of hair for some people. However, the using of biotin is debatable since some say it leads to acne. Although there is not research yet about the link between biotin and acne, some professionals had taken a slide line in taking this condition. The effect of biotin towards acne can be concluded from some testimonies.

From the testimonies, there are two kinds of people who used biotin. Just let’s divide it into two which are biotin causes acne and biotin does not cause acne.

For the first, some people had experience in using biotin for clearing their skin. It worked since biotin also believed can help your skin to be healthier by vitamin B7. For these people who get healthier skin by consuming biotin, there is no problem with their skin even for acne. Acne did not appear when they consume biotin.

On the other hand, there are also some people who have more acne after consuming biotin. It must be opposed from the first one. Actually, all of them had a purpose in making her skin healthier and cleaner by adding more vitamin B7 in biotin to their body. However, there are two different reactions. There are also people who get more acne after they consumed biotin. Why does biotin cause acne? From this side, it happened since there is a relation between vitamin B5 and vitamin B7. If your body does not have enough good bacteria, so that biotin will compete with vitamin B5. It leads acne appear on your skin.


There are two possibilities. It can be yes or no. Consuming biotin neither leads acne nor does not lead acne since it based on each person’s condition of their skin. Some people might have no problem with acne after consuming biotin and even they got better skin. On the other hand, there are also people who might have a problem in consuming biotin which leads to acne breakouts. For a better solution, you can take a consultation before taking biotin so that you will know if your skin will be better by biotin or not.

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