Does Chocolate Cause Acne? Here is The Truth

Acne makes us get frustrated since it will distract our look and sometimes it will bring some pain. There are some types of acne that might appear on our face. Also, there are some causes that will make our acne come on our face. Food, weather, and other conditions are the main factors that lead acne on our face.

Some will say that we have to avoid peanuts since it will make your acne getting bigger and bigger. On the other hand, some also say that chocolate can lead acne on face.

Chocolate and Acne

Does Chocolate Cause Acne?

In childhood we might ever warn that it is better to not eat candy and chocolates since it will make your teeth worst. This warning also still appear until we are in puberty. In different cases with same situation, some say that it is better to avoid eating chocolate since it will make your acne breakouts quite worse. It might be grounded for them since chocolate contains fat in it will lead acne appear on your face. So, does chocolate cause acne? The answer is a big no.

Some research showed that there is no correlation between eating chocolate and acne. Some people might think that since chocolate since fatty ingredients and too sugary, chocolate will make your acne breakouts. We cannot say that sugary as well as chocolate will influence acne to appear on our face directly. It can be said that the chocolate will not directly lead to acne since there are some triggers which lead to acne on face. This situation can be drawn if you are eating too much chocolate so that your stomach will full already. Then, you will eat more food such as vegetables and fruits so that your body will lack of vitamin and nutrition.

As a result, it will influence your skin’s health since you are lack of nutrition for your body. There is no influence if you eat chocolate or no-chocolate foods if you are still lack of nutrition, acne will appear. Acne appears since the worst condition of the skin’s health. Basically, acne is caused by oil glands, which leads to exaggerated sebum so your pores will be clogged by dead skin cells.


Now when the question of does eating chocolate cause acne, you have already had the right answer which is no. It will not influence your skin condition if you are eating chocolate or not. The main cause of acne is the exaggerated oil on the skin, which leads to much sebum blocked in your pores. This blocked pores will lead to the redness and irritation. This situation can be appeared when your skin lacks of nutrition. There will be no worry to consume chocolate as long as you still have enough nutritious supplies for your skin’s health. Chocolate is not the trigger of acne.

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