Does Milk Cause Acne? Here is The Truth

You can stop your acne if you can control your supplies. It might the common phrase when you are in looking for the way of getting rid of problematic acne on your face. Yes, food might be the main cause of acne. Actually, there are some food that might be avoided. On the other hand, you have only need to balance your supplies.

Some believed that milk is the big problem with supplies which leads to acne. Does drinking milk cause acne? You might be confused about this since some say it does and the rest say it does not. So, which is true?

Milk and Acne

Does Milk Cause Acne?

There are two sides of this condition. The first condition shows that there is no relation between milk and acne. Meanwhile, the second condition shows that there is a relation between milk and acne. Both of sides still be argued since both of them have grounded reason. However, you might not be confused about it since you can just believe the first or the second one based on the result.

For the first condition, it showed that milk does not cause acne. From this point of view, milk contains of supply that will be needed for human. The hormone which is contained in milk does not influence the oil excess in human. This side also disagrees with the statement that milk causes acne since there is no exact research about the effect of hormone contained in milk that directly causing acne.

On the other hand, there is a condition that showed that milk causes acne. From this point of view, the answer will be a big yes. There is a research that showed there is a correlation between milk and acne. The research showed that milk contains of estrogen, which affect to the ones who drink it. Moreover, it also showed that milk contains of IGF-1 which has function as hormone growth. In that situation, the hormone growth will lead to the excess oil. As we know that excess oil is the cause of acne on the skin. Moreover, the research showed that it has inflammatory signal which leads to acne too. However, the final result of this research could not strongly stated that if milk is the direct cause of acne. Milk could be the cause of acne, but it does not mean that by stopping to consume milk will stop the growth of acne.


There are two sides, it can be yes since some researches showed milk has ingredients which leads to excess oil since it has hormone growth. On the other hand, milk does not cause acne since it wasn’t shown yet that the hormone growth in milk is really directly causing acne on the skin. As the final, there is a possibility that milk causes acne.

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