Does Sugar Cause Acne? Here is The Truth

Sugar and other sweet tooth are all nice things that can be eaten. But we can also say that sugar is the ones that make little pimples and acne comes. We come to the point of this post, does sugar cause acne? The short answer is yes.

If you ask why, we will explain it.

Sugar and Acne

Does Sugar Cause Acne?

In the past few decades, research has uncovered the main factors behind acne, which are inflamed and hormones. Inflammation will damage sebum since they block pores and creates an ideal environment for bacteria which cause acne to thrive. Research has shown that the inflammation of sebum is one of the reasons that triggers acne, not the bacteria itself. Bacteria indeed add to existing inflammation, but it does not start the process. As for hormones, they put the skin glands to overdrive and they result in excessive sebum reproduction. When this happens, your skin cell will grow. Combination of dead skin cells and sticky sebum is the ideal thing for blocking pores.

Sugar exaggerates hormonal acne since it is hormonal to some degree. Acne-prone skin is sensitive to male hormones such as testosterone because of genetics. They will increase skin cell growth and sebum production. Other hormones, which are linked to acne are insulin and IGF-1, those hormones will increase sebum production, acne severity, and also pore size. Insulin and IGF-1 are linked d to blood sugar levels, so that’s why when you eat too much sugar and carbohydrates, your blood sugar levels will increase. When this happens, your pancreas will produce and release insulin. When you eat sugar once in a while, it is not a problem. The real problem is when you often eat sugar or drink soda, it means that you adding sebum into your face. You are more likely to get acne.

Another vital factor in acne is inflammation. Research has shown that acne patients have higher levels of inflammation than those who doesn’t suffer acne. It means that sugar promotes inflammation. Sugar will reduce antioxidants and makes the skin vulnerable to inflammation. This will make it more likely that you get acne or pimple. When your inflammation increases, it will lead to food allergies, gut problems, and some food that will exaggerate acne.


In conclusion, sugar is bad for inflammation and hormones. So, Can Sugar Cause Acne? Yes. And it causes very bad. But this doesn’t mean that you have to eat or drink no sugar food and beverages. When you eat sugary food or drink soda occasionally, it means nothing happens to your face. But when eat them frequently, your hormones that stimulate sebum production and skin cell growth will increase.

This is not just a theory. Several researches have shown that high sugar food increase sebum production and it will worsen acne. So, in the end you have to reduce sugar. You have to learn how to reduce your sugar intake, how to avoid cravings sugary food, and how to identify foods with sugar.

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