Evening Primrose Oil for Acne – Is it Good? Here are The Benefits

Acne is one of the most common skin issues that usually occur on the surface of the face. Evening primrose oil for acne is one of the best solutions or remedies that become people’s choice in curing acne. Well, when we are talking about skin issues, people usually spend a lot of money in curing their skin issues. So, using evening primrose oil is one of the alternative cheap ways in curing acne.

Is Evening Primrose Oil Good for Acne?

Evening primrose oil is the extract of the seed of evening primrose plant which is actually a wild flower that grows in the North Africa, some parts of Asia, and Europe. Using evening primrose oil for acne has been researched by so many studies that this flower is very rich of Gamma-linoleic Acid or GLA which is actually an omega-6 fatty acid.

Evening Primrose Oil for Acne

GLA is somehow helping the human in the regulation of body hormonal and exert anti-inflammatory action. Other than that, evening primrose oil has the ability in diluting sebum on the face. Sebum is the main substance inside of our skin that leads to the production of acne by producing more oil and clogged skin pores. This process is indeed the main process of how the acne can appear on the surface of our face. So it means, consuming more evening primrose oil can decrease the production of Sebum and it could decrease the appearance of acne on your face.

However, consuming evening primrose oil also has the side effects after the consumption because different people have different reaction towards evening primrose oil. It can cause low blood pressure, trigger allergies for certain people, and even heighten bleeding for those who have bleeding disorder.

Evening Primrose Oil Acne Dosage

Maybe you both wondering whether you have to apply the oil on the surface of your face or you have to drink the evening primrose oil to cure your acne. Well, here is the steps and dosage:

  • First option is consuming evening primrose oil in the shape of tablets. Consume it 1300 mg twice a day. Usually it appears in the shape of tablets, capsules, and even liquids that is easy to find online or around. Make sure that you keep the medicine refrigerated since this is easy to be melted.
  • Second option is applying the evening primrose directly to the surface of your face. Just apply the evening primrose oil to the affected area overnight and rinse with the fresh water when you wake up in the morning.


Well, using evening primrose oil for acne is good for your skin since this primrose wildflower’s extract contains GLA that could decrease the Sebum oil and it is automatically able to decrease the potential of the appearance of the acne on your face. You can consume the medicine that contains evening primrose oil 1300 mg twice a day or apply it directly to your skin overnight. There are many reviews even stated that their face become clearer after using evening primrose oil.

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