Eyebrow Pimple – Causes and Treatment

Eyebrow pimple is one kind of pimple that sometimes strangely grows on your face, especially in your eyebrow area. Pimple is similar with acne and you can find it in certain areas in your face and your other part of the body.

Cause of Eyebrow Pimple

Many things can cause the pimple to grow, such as the dust on your face, then the bacteria on your face and also factor hormonal. Sometimes, pimples are hurt and you need to think about the best remedies to get over from your pimples on the eyebrow. Then, how are the best ways to get rid of your pimples?

Pimples between Eyebrows

Treatment for Eyebrow Pimple

Since the pimple can can caused by bacteria or the dust in your face, of course, several things can help you to get over from your problem with pimples. What are the home remedies that you can use?

1. Tea Tree Oil Treatment

Since the pimple in eyebrow is such a pimple in a sensitive area, it would be better to take a save remedies.

  • Applying the tea tree oil on the area where you get the pimple.
  • Pay more attention and make sure that your oil does not enter your eye.
  • Then, let the oil treat your pimple overnight.

2. Sulfur

Besides of using the treatment of tea tree oil, you can use the sulfur as well.

  • Apply the sulfur on your pimple area.
  • Make sure that you apply it well, so that it will not affect your eyes.
  • Let it sit on your pimple area over night.

3. Lotion based on Prescription

When you have problem with your pimple on eyebrow, think that it should be done by coming to the doctor, and ask for some prescription, it is also a good choice. The doctor will give you the lotion to reduce the pimple in your eyebrow area. You have to use it as the schedule, so it will help you to get rid your pimple.


Besides of the remedies, you also have to know the prevent treatment of the pimple that might suffer you. For the example, you can use the product of lotion or gel that can help you to avoid the irritation in the eyebrow area to prevent the pimple to grow. You also have to make sure to higher your hygiene so that you will live healthier and it will be good to clean your face before you go to sleep.

In conclusion, there are several factors that can cause the growth of pimple in your eyebrow area. Examples of the pimple are the less of hygiene and the hormonal factor. To reduce the pimple, you can apply some home remedies and using the lotion by prescription. Meanwhile, to prevent other growth of pimple, you have to apply the lotion or gel that can reduce the irritation diligently, so that the pimple will not grow in your eyebrow.

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