3 Best Face Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin

If you have a pimpled face, and you think that you don’t need a moisturizer for your face, you’re wrong. Usually if you have a pimpled face, it will be accompanied by an oily surface condition. Those that makes the stigma that the acne faces and greasy doesn’t require moisturizer. In fact, one cause of acne is due to dry face and bacteria. Bacteria are what ultimately produce acne and oil. So wearing a facial moisturizer product is a very important thing for your face.

Although it is very important for your face, not all moisturizing products are good for acne face. Some of them can make your face look more oily and shiny. Of course, this is not what you expect. But lucky you, there are now many special moisturizing products for facial acne.

Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin

Best Moisturizer for Acne

1. E.l.f Skincare Daily Hydration Moisturizer

E.l.f Daily Hydration Moisturizer is one of the best products to moisturize your facial acne. The content of aloe Vera and jojoba oil is very beneficial for the moisture of your face. This cream is not too light and not too heavy as well. Its fragrance is very soft and will not interfere for you who have sensitive olfactory.

This product is very convenient to use for you with acne, cream is very soft and plump when applied, and this sensation can even last until 8 hours after usage. This product is very safe, because it avoids your face from inflammation of acne prone skin. This product is perfect if you use it before you apply makeup on your face. Your face will remain moist but not oily.

2. Aveeno ultra-calming daily moisturizer

Aveeno ultra-calming daily moisturizer is a skin care product that delivers more than one benefit. Other than as a facial moisturizer, this product can remove red rash on your face, other than that this product can prevent you from sunburn. This product is also highly recommended for you who have sensitive skin, this product avoids your skin from irritation or allergy. You can apply this product every day, 15 minutes before you are exposed to the sun. This product is suitable for all skin types, including you who have inflamed acne levels. Cream is very soft and immediately permeate the skin. To treat inflammation and a rash, you can feel the benefits within a week.

3. Context oil free daily moisturizer

Context oil free daily moisturizer suitable for all skin types and this can also be used by men. This product you can use to moisturize your skin and can help regenerate skin cells on your face. Cream is soft and very light. This product also has no fragrance, because it does not contain perfume. This product also contains some vitamins that useful to prevent the aging process. SPF 15 contained in this product also allows you to be protected from exposure to sunlight.

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