Foods That Cause Acne – Here are List of Foods

Acne is one common problem that can attack everybody. The cause of acne is so varied. It can be hormonal effect and it also can be effect of some foods that is consumed by people with acne. Similar to the various types of acne cause, the foods that cause the acne is also various.

Usually, it can be the people that eat the food have the allergy, so that it will be potential to cause the growth of acne. If you are curious about some foods that cause acne, here is the list of the names of the foods for you.

Foods That Cause Acne

Foods That Cause Acne

Actually, when we talk about the foods, it will depend on the sensitivity of each person. Each person will have different sensitivity, so the effect of eating several types of foods might be different for each person.

1. Bread

The very first food that can cause acne is bread. When we talk about bread as the cause of acne, actually we are talking about the gluten in it. You have to know that the amount of gluten in the bread that you eat can give you small damage and it also can give you the systemic inflammation. Meanwhile, the other fact about acne is that, it can be triggered by the inflammation.

2. Chips

The second one is Chips. For your information, in the United States, Potato Chips belong to junk foods. Besides that, it also categorized as the food that causes acne for several reasons. When you try to observe deeper this kind of food, you will find out that this food only have the amount of nasty oils.

Besides that, this food is also a lack of vitamins and minerals. When it comes to the cause of acne, it will be about three points of this food, which are its content of many carbohydrates, cause systemic inflammation and it can produce insulin spike. Because of these things, it will be more cautious to the acne.

3. Sugar

Then, sugar is the next food. You might be familiar with the information that sugar can cause acne. The sugar is the number one cause of acne that you can find in so many foods. When you love to eat chocolate, but you do not have any choice to avoid the acne, you can choose the dark chocolate, since it will have lower sugar and more antioxidant to eat.

To conclude, those three foods belong to the foods that can cause acne in your face. Each food has its own content that can cause the growth of acne. Besides that, you will also can find other foods such as milk, bagels, ice cream, pizza and soda. All the foods might be the part of your favourite foods, but you have to kindly wise to pick which one that will have more benefit than the damage for you.

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