How Long Does Baby Acne Last and How to Stop it

Having acne sometimes becomes one painful thing. Acne is a skin condition where our skin produces sebum and it is mixed with the dead skin cells until it gets inflamed. Normally, people will have acne when they are at puberty or period times; however, it also can happen to babies.

When your baby has acne, you surely wonder, what the causes of it? Or how long does baby acne last? Don’t worry too much! Actually, baby acne becomes a normal skin problem that often happens to babies, especially the newborn baby. It usually appears in the age of 2 until 3 weeks. Almost around 40 percent of newborn baby had this skin problem.

Baby Acne on Cheek

Talking about acne, it commonly happens because of the hormones. However, when it happens to baby, acne doesn’t appear because of baby’s hormones. The cause of baby acne usually happens due to the hormones of mom which still flow in the bloodstream of the baby. These hormones then rouse the baby’s sebaceous glands to produce sebum. This finally will cause acne shows up on baby’s skin, commonly in forehead, cheeks, neck, back, chin, upper chest, or eyelids. It looks like puberty, acne that has yellowish and red color on its bumps.

How Long Does Baby Acne Last

As it has been discussed, this acne is a normal skin problem that happens to babies when they are 2 or 3 weeks old. Otherwise, this also can show up during 6 months old. As your baby has this skin problem, you surely will be confused. Talking about the acne, it surely will disappear even if it takes time. This acne is not like the grown-up acne, this will not leave the everlasting scars on baby’s skin.

Baby acne, which shows up at 2 until 3 weeks old normally will last until your baby reaches 4 or 6 months old. Some of baby acne normally last around a month, yet it also can stay until three months. If you are worrying about the acne on your baby’s skin, you may follow these steps to get rid of it.

How to stop it?

When it comes to get rid of baby acne, you cannot treat the acne just like the common one. Baby’s skin is really different with adult skin. That is why the acne has a different treatment. Here are the tips!

  • Rinse the acne area using clean water twice or three times daily. Dry it gently.
  • Avoid using soap and adult products on acne area.
  • Follow some home remedies using natural ingredients.

By following these tips regularly, baby acne will disappear from its baby’s skin. However, you need to go to a doctor for medical check-up if the acne won’t leave in long-time period. It may be not acne but other skin problems like eczema.

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