How to Prevent Pimples? Here are Effective Ways to Avoid Pimples

Pimples or acne might be already familiar to many peoples. Almost all people around the world might ever experience in suffer from the pimples. Actually, when the pimples are easy to disappear from your skin, it will be not that dangerous. However, it will be very annoying when the pimples are stubborn and very difficult to be removed from your face or your body. Because of that, once you get over from the pimples, it will be good to prevent them back to you.

Then, how to prevent pimples? There will be several steps that very important to prevent the pimples coming to you.

How to Prevent Pimples

How to Prevent Pimples

1. Keep your face clean

Since the problem of pimple caused by the dirt in our face, the most important thing to do to prevent the pimple is by keeping your face clean. This is the most important thing that you cannot forget. Even though you might not in the middle of suffering from pimples, your clean face is something that very important for you. Do not forget to wash your face in routine. It can help you to clean the dirt after your activity and to make the balance of the oil production of your face. It will be very helpful to prevent the acne. The cleaner your face, the more you can prevent pimples to come.

2. Moisturize your skin

Besides making sure that you can keep your face clean, another important thing that you have to do is to pay attention to moisturize your skin. You might already know that excessive oily face will have more potential to get the acne attack. Yet, you also have to know that the excessive dry skin will also damage your skin. So, make sure that you can control the dryness of your face or your skin to avoid the acne to come.

3. Choose the right hair treatment

Another thing that can cause the pimples to come to your face is the treatment that you use for your hair. Yes, you have to know that it can affect the face as well. Especially, when the hair treatment that you choose for your hair is by using the oils, gels, pomades or even fragrance on your hair, it can be a problem when it gets in your face. When it happened, the material from your hair will block the skin on your face and it will give the irritation in your face. Then, it will be better to avoid using it. As the alternative, you have to watch out when you decide to use that kind of things on your hair.


In conclusion, to make sure that you can avoid the pimples, you have to do several important things that you do in your daily life. The first is that you have to make sure to keep your face in clean condition. It will be very dangerous to let your facial skin in dirty conditions, since it will be more sensitive. Then, do not forget to monitor the moisturize condition of your face. The last is that you have to watch out everything that you put in your hair.

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