How to Get Rid of Pimples with Ice – Ice on Pimple

Have you known about the benefits of ice for pimples? Actually, we can use so many natural compositions to treat pimple on our skin. One of them is ice. Ice is so useful to lose pimple because it can reduce the pain of pimple and also reduce swollen pimple.

Does Ice Help Pimples?

We have known that ice can be the best solution when we feel so thirsty. Actually, ice is not only good to be drunk, but it can be used for solving pimple or acne. Why is it so useful? Yes, ice can keep the skin to be always beautiful because it can make skin calm. Besides, ice is also good to avoid infection. So, using ice for skin will make our skin always free of infection, such as infection caused by pimple.

Ice on Pimple

Ice is so good for skin and good for solving pimple because it doesn’t contain any chemical. Ice just contains mineral water, and it allows as keeping our skin face with high mineral content. It will really make our skin become so beautiful and free of dirt, germ and bacteria. As we know that low degree of ice will make germ or bacteria goes away and doesn’t have a chance to attack our face.

We can use ice for cleaning our face. We can use it twice a week to get maximal result. If we do it routinely, we can get clean skin face without any pimple. Now, let’s we know about other benefits of ice. Here are other benefits of ice for our skin:

  • Ice for Pimple. As explained before, ice is so good for solving pimple on the face. Pimple is a skin problem that makes every people feels so worry and unconfident. It can be caused by bacteria and also hormones in our body. Using ice will help you reducing swollen pimple. If you use ice routinely, your pimple will lose and you will get beautiful face without any pimple.
  • Ice for Avoiding Aging. Ice is believed as good substance for avoiding aging. Ice can make skin pores becomes so small, and it is really good to avoid aging. With small pores, our face will look more shining, moisture and beautiful. No wonder if there are so many people who have used ice for getting beautiful face and put off aging.
  • Ice for Smooth Skin. Ice is also good to make our face smoother. Every person always wants to get smooth and beautiful face. Actually, it can be achieved by using ice. So, you just need to use ice routinely to clean your face, and then you will get beautiful and smooth face.

How to Get Rid of Pimples with Ice

After knowing many benefits of ice on pimple, we have to know the right tips for using ice. Actually, ice can be used easily without doing difficult steps. You can follow the steps below to get maximal result:

1. Cold Compress

We can use ice as cold compress for treating pimple. Follow the steps below to know the right steps of this treatment:

  • Prepare warm water. Before using ice, you have to clean your face using warm water. It will make your skin face relax and ready to receive this treatment.
  • Avoid using facial foam that contains scrub because it will make pimple more severe.
  • Prepare ice cubes. For maximal result, you can prepare ice cubes by yourself. It means you have to create ice cubes by mixing 300 ml mineral water with some slices of lemon. It will be very useful for your face. By creating it by yourself, you will get high quality ice cubes that are ready to beautify your face and healing your pimple.
  • Apply ice cubes on pimple. Make sure your hand is clean to avoid bacteria. So, clean your hand before doing this treatment. And then, just hold the ice cubes, and make sure it presses the pimple for 3-5 minutes.
  • If you can’t hold it well, you can wrap the ice cubes by using clean cloth. Do the same step as the step above.
  • After 5 minutes, you can clean your face using clean water.
  • Use clean towel, and use it gently to avoid scratch on your pimple.
  • You can repeat this treatment twice a day to make sure the bacterias of pimple have gone away and can’t attack you face anymore.

2. Ice and Cucumber

Besides using it as cold compress, we can mix ice and cucumber for solving pimple. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Blend slices of cucumber and water.
  • Make it becomes ice cubes.
  • Wash your face using warm water before doing this treatment.
  • Use the ice cubes on the affected are—where the pimple affect your skin face.
  • Do it for 3-5 minutes.
  • For maximal result, you can press it gently or doing massage.
  • After 5 minutes, you can use clean water to wash your face, and then use clean towel.
  • Do it twice a day to get maximal result.
  • Besides cucumber, you can also use strawberry. As we know that some fruits are so good for our skin and can solve pimple. So, you can create useful ice cubes by mixing mineral water with useful fruits.


We can conclude that ice is so useful in solving pimple on the face. So, we can use ice for solving pimple easily. Just use it as cold compress, and then use it routinely to get maximal result. To get other positive effect of ice cubes, we can also mix water and fruits to create useful ice cubes. Then, we can apply it on the affected area, and then the affected area will heal after receiving this treatment. Finally, we can conclude that ice is so good for handling pimple. So, what are you waiting for? If you get pimple, you can use ice because there are so many benefits of ice for pimple and will make our face free of pimple easily.

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