How to Use Lemon Juice for Acne & Scars Effectively – How it Helps Acne

Many people have a question whether lemon juice for acne can give efficient result or not. It is true that nowadays people can find great easiness to find over the counter acne solution. Men and women all around the world have very big problem associated with acne. Acne for them becomes kind of nightmare because it can ruin their confidence easily. Of course people want to have the perfect appearance because it can influence their confidence greatly. Acne simply will make their best clothes meaningless.

People can try to cover their acne with makeup but it means that they have to depend on makeup for all the time if they do not want to find their acne seen. It is better to look for the best remedy. However, people consider something natural more because they want to save money and at the same time it will also help them avoid the unwanted side effect since over the counter medicine is made from chemical material. Lemon juice is not hard to find at all and it is also good for health. People just want to know if it will also be good for beauty.

Lemon Juice for Acne

Does Lemon Juice Help Acne?

Maybe the biggest question is about whether the lemon juice can really help to get rid of acne. If there are many options of acne solution which can be found in the pharmacy and they did not work, why people have to trust lemon juice? Although people can have very great doubt about it, it is a fact that nature actually offers people with the most versatile medication for curing acne and it can be found in lemon. So, it is good for acne.

People understand very well about the vitamin value which can be found in lemon. They must not forget that lemon juice also comes with antibacterial properties. This great benefits make people can find great relief when they have sore throat. They just need to eat lemon in this circumstance because it contains of ascorbic acid in large amount. It will also be useful for clear the throat as well as killing the pathogens. If people have cold related health problem, consuming lemon is really recommended because it contains high amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C is very important for cell regeneration including skin cell. People will be able to get better skin with proper vitamin C consumption. It can also help the skin cell to get better after acne.

The antibacterial properties which can be found in lemon juice of course are a great element which can make it useful tool for getting rid of acne. In many cases, acne outbreaks can be caused by the bacteria in the skin pore. Lemon juice will kill the bacteria so there will no longer acne outbreaks problem. Now, people just need to make sure that they know about the way for using lemon juice.

How to Use Lemon Juice for Acne

Many people have to deal with acne outbreaks for long period of time. It is no longer a puberty problem because many grownups also have the same problem. If people want to be free from this problem as soon as possible, they must not wait to use lemon juice for acne. There are some methods which can be used.

1. Lemon juice mask

The most common method which people can do for using lemon juice on acne is by using it as mask. It is not only simple but it is also very effective.

  • Clean your skin thoroughly.
  • Put the lemon juice on the affected area using cotton ball or sponge.
  • Rinse the lemon juice mask with the warm water after it is dried.

Stinging or tingling sensation can be experienced if people apply the lemon juice mask on the skin with a lot of pimples. However, they will be satisfied with the result since it will dissolve the excess sebum. The oily sheen will also be eliminated and the pores can be narrowed as well. Applying lemon juice on the skin can make it dry and tight. It is important to apply moisturizer after using lemon juice mask.

2. Lemon, Honey, Milk

People can also try another recipe for the mask with lemon juice.

  • Make combination of lemon juice, honey, and milk with 1:2:3 proportions. The mask should be stirred until it gets suitable consistency to be applied as mask on the skin.
  • Clean your skin with the face wash.
  • The mask can be applied then but the eyes area must be avoided from mask application.
  • Wait the mask dried on the skin before it can be washed with the warm water.

This mask has lemon juice which will do its job for cleansing the pores. People do not have to worry about the dry skin effect because there is milk and honey which is useful for softening the skin. To get the expected result, people need to apply the mask for 4-5 times.


People are able to find more and more methods which can be used for getting better result of using lemon juice for acne. Lemon juice can provide efficient result and it can be found very easily. There is no need to spend a lot of money for getting rid of acne any longer. However, lemon juice mask for clearing acne is not recommended for people who have very sensitive skin. It is not recommended as well for people with naturally dark skin. It is better for them to consult with the dermatologist first before taking the step of lemon juice for pimples.

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