Pimple Like Bumps – Causes, How to Get Rid and Prevention

Do you agree that pimple is very annoying? Why not? Pimple will leave scar in our skin. Pimple will leave pus which is disgusting. Pimple like bumps also decreases your self confidence because our face is not flawless anymore. Stress, hormones and medication are the common causes of pimple. However, for women, pimple usually appears in the skin before their period come.

We know that pimple can decrease our self confident, that is why it is obvious that people do not want any pimple in their face, inner thigh, arms, scalp and legs. They will spend a lot of money to go to dermatologist or look for the best treatment for pimple.

Red Pimple Like Bumps on inner Thigh

Nevertheless, you do not have to be worry if you want to get rid of the pimple in your face. You do not have to afraid about how much money that you will spend because there are home remedies for pimple.

How to Get Rid of Pimple Like Bumps

Home remedies for pimple is the best treatment because the treatment does not involve any dangerous chemical substance like mercury or hydroquinone. Home remedies usually are made from any materials which can be found in our home like spices, herbs or natural oils.

So, here are some home remedies which you can try at home to get rid of the pimple.


Mint has been used for long time to medication. Commonly, mint is used in toothpaste to give fresh sensation. Dealing with home remedies for pimple, mint can be used to remove the pore-clogging oil which causes pimple. There are some steps that you can follow if you want to try this home remedy.

  • Prepare a cup of mint leaves.
  • Chopped the mint leaves.
  • Mix the chopped mint leaves with oatmeal and plain yogurt.
  • Apply this formula in your face.
  • Let you feel the cooling sensation for ten until fifteen minutes.
  • Try this remedy every week to get maximum result.


You may not believe that aspirin which is usually used for fever can be used for red pimple like bumps. However, research has been proved that aspirin can be used to treat your pimple because its formula can treat the inflammation and dry out the pimple, especially pus-filled pimple. There are some steps which is required to make home remedies for pimple from aspirin.

  • Prepare four tablets of aspirin, like paracetamol or sanmol.
  • Dissolve the tablets until become powder.
  • Mix the aspirin powder with two tablespoon of water.
  • Mix until become paste.
  • Apply the paste of aspirin in the pimpled skin.
  • Apply this paste twice a day after you wash your face.


Even though, the home remedies for acne are easy. It will better if we can avoid the pimple. We can apply the healthy lifestyle such as sleeping for seven hours in a day so that the skin can regenerate. We must avoid cigarette, instant food, junk food and oily food. We should exercise everyday like jogging or stretching. We must avoid any stress because it can trigger the pimple.

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