Pimple on Finger – Treatment, Prevention and Causes

Pimple on finger is commonly happening in our environment right now recently. The symptoms are common as well on how there is such cyst or white pimple with such liquid inside that grows in your finger. The growth is usually around your knuckle without any redness.

It does not even hurt your finger unless if you try to pop that out. Do not mess with that pimple because usually when you pop that out, then it will come out again in another area.

Pimple on Finger


There must be some reasons why pimple on fingers appears. It could be because of an infection of something, a reaction of allergies, a skin disorder, even worst, skin cancer. Most commonly why pimple can appear on finger are angiomas, cysts, or warts.

Angiomas is a growth of the flesh in our part of the body because of the clumping of blood vessels and it raises a bright bump under the skin, while warts are the raising of rough bumps caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which is usually grown on the surface of hands and feet including a finger. Well, those are the reason of this pimple and that also might be the impact of such diseases mentioned.

How to Get Rid of Pimple on Finger

1. Don’t be too worried

Almost all of the case of this pimple is harmless. So there would probably no such special treatment needed for this kind of cases in your finger. You just need to make sure that your fingers are clean and you have no such skin infection which might be dangerous. If you do, then go to the dermatologist and follow their suggestions, those must be the best for the sake of your finger skin.

2. Do warm Compressing

You can do a treatment to get rid of this pimple by warm compress. It would push down the pimple and increase the blood stream which can reduce the pain. You can just compress a warm cloth with warm water to the affected area.

3. Use black tea bags

It can reduce pain in the pimple.

  • Dip a tea bag in hot water for 5 minutes, then rinse the water after that.
  • Then hold the moist of the bag covering the affected area for 10 minutes.
  • Repeat a few times in a day for maximum result.


You need to keep your hand stay clean all the time. When you won’t get that pimple then you should wash your hands very often in a day. If you have such rough job using your hands, then use gloves to cover your finger so you won’t be affected. Well, if you have got the pimple but the pimple keeps growing when you try to cure it, you need to go to the doctor in case that you got a skin cancer.

This pimple is caused by infection, reaction of allergies, skin disorder, or even skin cancer. It appears usually like whiteheads or pimple in the knuckle area of your finger. You can cure that with warm compress and using black tea bags with calm feeling. Washing our hands regularly and keeping our hands save or coming to the doctor when it comes hurt are better for the prevention.

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