Pimple on Gums – Treatment, Prevention and Causes

Pimple might be annoying when it appears on your face. Actually, pimple might not only appear on your but also can appear on your gum. It can be a sign of mouth sore. On the other hand, pimple on gums also can be detected as other cases.


Scientifically, pimples which can be an abscess caused by infection gum. It can be happened because of there was leftover food which is trapped between your gum and tooth. So, that leftover will invite bacteria. Still, there are other causes of pimple on your gum such as tooth implantation, gum or tooth abscess, heavy smoking, and gingivitis or periodontitis.

Pimple on Gums

  • For the first, tooth implantation causes gum pimple since it will appear after undergo of your tooth implantation. However, this kind of pimple will not indicate as the painful pimple. Still, you have to get more examination from the dentist.
  • Second, gum or tooth abscess causes pimple since there is a bacterial infestation that growth into an infection.
  • Third, heavy smoking causes your blood circulation on poor level and make your mouth sore.
  • Fourth, gingivitis and periodontitis may occur since it gives harmful bacteria into your gum.

Pimple on Gum Treatment

Do not worry about your pimple because you can get rid of it. You can prepare some ingredients and materials which usually can be found in your house. Here is the way to get rid of your white pimple on gum.

1. Water and Salt

  • Mix salt and water.
  • Pour some of salt into a glass and then pour boiling water little by little.
  • Add cold water to make it neutral as your body temperature.
  • Rinse your mouth regularly.

2. Garlic and Garlic Powder

Garlic contains antibiotics. So, it can be used for your remedies. Slice some of the garlic and chew it. You can do it repeatedly in several days until your abscess and pain disappear.

3. Wet Teabag

Some people might be familiar with a teabag that usually used for getting rid of black under eyes. However, teabag also has another advantage which can heal your pain because of a pimple.

  • Soak the tea bag in water and then wring it out.
  • Place or suck that teabag on your pain area.
  • Leave it for a while, or you can go to sleep with it.


So, after you can heal your pimple it must be better for you to get some prevention. The first way to prevent gum pimple is you have to choose the right toothpaste. Second, brush your teeth twice in a day. Third, use mouthwash to remove bacteria and plaque.

This pimple is caused by some cases. It can be from your eating behavior. Sometimes, pimple on your gum will bring some pain so that you have to heal it. To heal it you can do it by some ingredients in your house.

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