Pimple on Stomach – Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Pimple on stomach is a common skin issue when there are pimples appearing on your belly just like acne that pops out on the surface of your face. It may start as a small pimple around the area of your stomach and it’s growing bigger and more as the time goes by.

Usually the pimples or bumps are reddish and somehow a bit itchy. You need to know the way or remedies, the causes and the prevention for this issue.

Pimple On Stomach

Pimples on Stomach Causes

The causes that make this pimple growing is bacteria. This is the most common cause. This factor actually relates to the previous ones on how wearing such tight clothes would make the airstream not streaming well and it would produce more oil and dirt coming from your body.

When that has happened, the bacteria would be very easy to grow on the surface of your skin. By this done, then pimple would be growing more in your stomach and affect more area.


After knowing the causes of stomach pimples, of course you need to get rid of it.

1. Keep your skin dry healthily.

Well, because bacteria are the common cause then you have to wash your body at least once a day. Use the mild, fragrance-free and soap with benzoyl peroxide that cleans all the oil and dead skin in your body. Use an exfoliating sponge and scrub your body just as usual. Don’t scrub your body too rough unless you want to clog more pores and make more pimples.

2. Apply traditional home remedies.

Use garlic juices that have been minced and put it covering your stomach. Garlic is really beneficial in reducing bacteria as an anti-inflammation vegetable. Another one is a mixed juice of turmeric and a tablespoon of coriander. The contents of both materials can cure the pimple overnight.


Don’t worry, you can still prevent this pimple by doing these:

Be clean!

Not only once, but try to wash and clean your body at least twice a day. To prevent the dirt that grows after you do your activity or such exercises.

Wear proper clothes.

Wearing tight clothes would be very bad for the airstream of your skin. When the airstream is bad, then the sweat would be so dirty. Wearing more loose clothes would be better for the health of the skin of your stomach.

Avoid touching.

Avoid touching or scratching the pimples. Your nails or finger might have bacteria that would make the pimple worse.

The causes of pimple on stomach are heat, humidity, bacteria, and also the type of clothes. It is acne on your stomach that could be cured by keeping your skin clean and applying remedies like using garlic juices or turmeric ones. Being clean, wearing proper clothes that is not too tight and avid touching acne to avoid bacteria would be better for the preventive actions.

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