Pimple Scab – How to Get Rid, Prevention and Causes

Pimple is the most annoying thing since it will distract your appearance. It will make you harder to put some make up on. There are some factors that make pimple scab appear on your face. However, there are some ways in getting rid and prevent your pimple turned into scab.

If this scab is not treated fast your skin will get itchy easily. Usually it will appear in many ways such as can be brown, black, or red and it will not go and heal easily.

Pimple Scab on Face


Basically, pimple scabs are from acne. From acne, it will appear into pimple then if you scratch your acne accidently. It can be explained medically. It will be appeared from acne scars which usually produce an inflamed lesion and inflamed blemishes. From this case, the inflamed lesion included to papule, pustule, or cyst and the inflamed blemishes comes to be engorged with bacteria, dead skin cells and also excess oil which are from follicle or pore. It will be a big deal when the tissue break and it will turn into scab.

How to Get Rid of a Pimple Scab Overnight

As we know, we have to make sure the hygiene when acne appear. Moreover, you have to do some treatment so that your acne will not become a big disaster. Pimple scabs will be easily to getting worst when you are not fast to heal it. Before your scab getting wider, you have to do some remedies. So, here are some natural ingredients that can be used in helping to get rid of this problem.

1. Tea Tree oil

The first most accurate natural ingredients is tea tree oil. Like getting rid of pimple on the other area, tea tree oil also can be used to remove your pimple scabs. It contains of antiseptics so it has a function in preventing the scabs on the skin. Here are the steps in applying tea tree oil:

  • Prepare cotton wool and tea tree oil.
  • Take a piece of cotton wool and then drop it little by little into the tea tree oil.
  • Apply the tea tree oil on the cotton oil gently to your scabs.
  • Don’t press the scabs since it will cause crust will break and bleeding.
  • Do it for one to two times for a day.

2. Honey

Honey as the best beauty care materials can be used to heal pimple scabs. Like tea tree oil, honey also contains of antiseptics so it will easily to help you in healing and removing the pimple. Moreover, honey also contains of antibiotic which can also help in improving skin appearance because of boils, burn, and even cuts. So, it must be effectively improving the new skin for the scabs on your face. Here are steps to apply honey:

  • For the first, clean your face especially for area of pimple.
  • Dry your face gently to remove water and any moisture.
  • Apply honey directly to the scab gently. Make sure you did not press it too hard.
  • Use a hydropolymer dressing that can be bought from drugstore.

3. Aloe Vera

Besides honey, Aloe Vera which also usually use for beauty care such as for hair health actually can be used in healing the pimple. It will effectively help you in removing the scab since it contains of vitamin and other properties. The part Aloe Vera that can be used is gel which will give cool sensation. This cool sensation will relax and heal at the same time. So, here are some steps to apply Aloe Vera gel on your pimple:

  • Take gel of Aloe Vera by chop it into two parts and then you can take the gel in the middle of it.
  • Apply thick gel gently on your pimple.
  • Wait for couple hours or you can leave it overnight for the more effective healing scabs on your face.

Besides using natural ingredients, you can also use other things. Warm water, Nivea, Polysporin, Neosporin, and baking soda are the best materials that can be used to heal this pimple.


Besides healing, there are also a way to prevent pimple scabs. It can be done when you stop to pop pimple scabs on your face. I know that it is a hard thing to do because once you pop it on the cheek, then you will be addicted to do the same thing again and again.

In order to prevent it, you can do these following things:

Clean the Skin on Daily Basis

It is very important to keep the surface of the skin clean every day. I mean, if you are wearing make up in daily basis then you should use the cleanser that will get rid all substance that left on your skin. Especially during the night, don’t sleep with the makeup on because during the night, the skins need to breathe as well.

Use Suitable Makeup

If the girls are wearing makeup then they should choose the perfect make up that is not only make them beautiful, but also keep the skin clean and healthy. Some of makeup contains additional substance that is also protecting the skin. Those are two things you can do in order to prevent the appearance of pimple on the face.

In brief, pimple scabs can be appeared in some factors such as a hygiene. However, you have to do some prevention such as don’t picking the scab and also do some treatment such as from natural ingredients or even from available products.

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