Should You Pop Pimples? Facts You Should Know Before Popping a Pimple

Most of you must feel annoyed with pimples on your face, don’t you? You might feel an urgency to pop or squeeze them. You are wondering on your mind, should I pop my pimple? But, stop it!

Pimple or acne is a natural condition of the skin, which experienced by more than 80% of teenagers, but also adult. Under your skin, there are oil glands at the base of hair follicle that produce sebum or oil to lubricate the hair and the surface of your skin. When the glands produce excessive oils, it will clog the follicle and cause inflammation of your skin called as pimple or acne.

Should You Pop Pimples

Why Squeezing is bad?

You might have known that squeeze pimple is bad, but why you still do the same? If you haven’t known why squeeze or pop is something you shouldn’t do, here is the reason.

A pimple is like a balloon under your skin which contain with oil, bacteria, and inflammation. Imagine when you do pop this balloon. All those bad contents will come out, aren’t they? These contents will spread into surrounding skin and, as soon as possible, the infection also spread out which only worsening the problems.

The worst is, when the pimple has settled down, the inflammation only left scars behind. Unlike the pimple itself, the scar might be left permanently on your skin. In the end, dealing with scarring might stress out you more rather than the pimple itself. So, stop squeezing your pimple from now on.

But, if you can’t stand on seeing the pimples, you should leave the work to the pros like dermatologists and estheticians. They do know how to squeeze pimples safely by wearing gloves and lance it with a sterile needle. They will remove the contents with comedone extractor, so the infection won’t spread out.

What You Can Do?

You still feel the urge to squeeze your pimple, but don’t have time to meet the dermatologist? Don’t worry, there are some methods you can do by yourself at home with safely manner.

  • Check your pimple. If it’s already turning into a firm white head, it means the pimple has been ready to be drained. Don’t poke when your pimple hasn’t reached this stage.
  • Always start by sterilizing your hands thoroughly with soap, warm water, and don’t forget to brush your fingernail.
  • Prepare a straight pin to swab the zit. Sterilized with a match or lighter, let it cool down, then rub with alcohol. Use the alcohol to swab the zit and sterilize your fingers again.
  • Dry out your fingers with clear tissue.
  • Hold the pin parallel to the surface of your skin, then carefully pierce the very tip of the center of the white zit.
  • Use a cotton swab or your fingers to softly squeeze the white heads. Don’t press on the top of white zit tips, but around it. However, if the pus doesn’t come out, it means the pimple hasn’t ready to be squeezed, so stop the action.
  • Finish the steps by applying some alcohol or a small amount of bacitracin ointment to the deflated blemish. Note, in this stage you might feel the sting.

Always follow the steps above when you decide to do it by yourself at home, but if you feel unsure, to meet your dermatologist.

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