The 3 Best Supplements for Acne Treatment – The Truth about Them

Acne cannot be magically cured just like that. Other than chemical treatment, consuming supplements for acne treatment is also working for some people. Yes, it is true that some people might try so many chemical treatments like cortisone shots, lasers, or something like that. Some also apply acne cream or acne mask that you have to apply regularly.

However, not all of the people are succeeding by applying those kinds of chemical treatment or direct face mask or cream treatment. For this reason, many dermatologists suggest the person with acne problems to consume the supplement.

Supplements for Acne

Does Supplement Help Acne?

Supplements are somehow just like vitamins that you need to consume diligently and regularly if you want to get the result after getting tired of trying all of the treatment. Some of people maybe do not really suitable with such chemical treatment that we can get in the dermatologist or aesthetic skin care, but with supplements, all of the people must be suitable. Why did we state so? It is because supplements are herbal in the shape of medicine. Unless you have allergies, consuming supplements would reduce your skin inflammation.

The 3 Best Supplements for Acne Treatment

Well, here is the supplement that is recommended for acne treatment and how to consume them.

1. Probiotics

Since antibiotics recommended by some dermatologists have unsatisfying side effects, probiotics give better. Probiotics are herbal drug that creates good bacteria. When your gut has less good bacteria, it can cause the inflammation in your skin and this is what causing acne. This good bacteria minimizes the inflammation and encourage the other good bacteria to keep on producing and balancing your gut and utilize the nutrients from your food which is also able to reduce the irritation pain that you feel.

2. Zinc

The research said that people with the problem of acne or such pimples are the one who have a low number of zinc on their system. By increasing the amount number of zinc, it is logically can help your facial skin fight against acne. Moreover, acne is also caused by the bacteria that blocked the pores, right? Zinc is the property that reduce the inflammatory response to bacteria, so the redness on your pimple would be disappeared if you have a high number of zinc in your system.

3. Magnesium

Magnesium is important minerals that increase cell growth and protein production. T helps the hormone levels to keep balance and nervous system to run smoothly. Those kinds of processes are important in preventing acne.


Curing acne by chemical treatment is not the only way. Consuming supplement is also recommended to minimize the side effects. The supplements recommended are Zinc, Probiotics, and Magnesium. They have the content which can prevent acne. Consuming them 1 or 2 capsules are what is recommended.

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