Vitamin B5 for Acne – Does Vitamin B5 Help Acne?

The benefit of vitamin B5 for acne is another mystery for acne treatment. Some people might ever try this kind of treatment to treat their acne. Since there are so many vitamins that can give benefit for our body, this vitamin is also one vitamin can be good for our body. Actually, vitamin B5 or also called pantothenic acid is only one example for many vitamins that can give a good benefit for acne treatment.

However, you might have not understood yet about which kind of benefit from this vitamin for you. So, for you who is still confuse about it, there is some explanation for you about it.

Vitamin B5 for Acne

Does Vitamin B5 Help Acne?

Actually, there are some controversy about this vitamin and its function for acne. Actually, some people may take vitamin B5 for Acne as they need their acne to clean. Some of them are success with the treatment but some other failed. Of course, when it comes to the acne treatment, even though there are so many treatments that we can take, not all kind of treatment can work well. Many treatments end up into failed and many other may success. Actually, sometimes it because some other factors that make the treatment does not work for some people.

However, for some other people the work of Vitamin B5 is very great. Some people said that because of the consume of vitamin B5, they can get rid of their acne and stop to get the breakout in their face. Of course, it happens by consuming the right vitamin in the right frequent. It means that you have to pay attention to the frequent when you take the vitamin as your remedies. Some people might become addicted, since when they stop to consume the vitamin, the breakout will be back again. However, some other might becomes okay even though they stop to consume the vitamin.

How to Use Vitamin B5?

Actually, the use of vitamin B5 for acne treatment is usually by consuming it. Here are the steps for this treatment.

  • Ask the dermatologist, whether you can take it or not
  • If your dermatologist ask you to do it, then you can buy the vitamin B5
  • Consume it as it is being told by your dermatologist, or read the instruction on the product
  • Make sure that you stick into your schedule in taking the vitamin


In conclusion, vitamin B5 has a good impact to acne. However, it does not work for all people who use it as their treatment. Some people might success with it but some other end up with failure. If you think that this treatment will be work for you, you might try to consume it. However, when it does not turn out well, it would be better to stop the treatment and look for other better treatment that match well with your facial problem and condition.

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