Can Vitamin D Deficiency Cause Acne? – Vitamin D for Acne

Vitamin D might be one of the most important things for those who have problem with acne. Vitamin D is a well-known vitamin that gives many benefits for our skin. Not only to build the important thing for your skin in other body part, it also has the benefit for us to get rid for the acne.

However, not many people know about the function of vitamin D for acne recovery. Actually, there are some important things that you have to know about the function of Vitamin D. Many people are curious about how it will works with the acne recovery.

Vitamin D for Acne

Can Vitamin D Deficiency Cause Acne?

Some people said that acne could be caused by vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D, which is also known as sunshine vitamin since you can get the vitamin easily from the sunshine. The function of vitamin D works very board. One of the most important function of vitamin D is to build your strong bone. Then, the function of vitamin D for acne is also very big. It can give you a chance to heal from your acne.

Then, how big it will give you to heal from your acne problem?

For your information, the enough amount of vitamin D that you have to get for your body is about 10-15 minutes of sunshine vitamin D. It will be work for you when you stay about 10-15 minutes under the sunshine to get your vitamin. However, it will be a big problem when you are working in a room and do not have a chance to get your sunshine vitamin directly. It will be good if you make your time to stay for a while under the morning sunshine to get your vitamin D, so that you can get the function of vitamin D.

How to Get Vitamin D?

Of course, to get your vitamin D in enough amounts will be a very easy thing for you since you can get it directly from the sunshine in the morning. Therefore, you have to make sure that you have enough time under the sunshine. So, how to get a help from vitamin D for acne?

  • Stay about 10-15 minutes under the morning sunshine
  • However, do not only depend on it
  • Consume the backup pills that can help you to get the enough amount and another materials that can help you to get over from your acne.


To conclude, vitamin D, which is a very important vitamin for your body is also give the involvement in your acne. When you have problem with acne, it can be because of your body lack of enough amount vitamin D. It means that you have to make sure that you get enough amount of vitamin D. You can get the vitamin D from the morning sunshine and the backup pills that you can consume.

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