What Causes Pimples? Here are The Most Common Causes of Pimple

You might wonder what causes pimples, why it keeps coming back, don’t you? When the breakouts already calmed down yesterday, a new one keep coming back over and over again. Small, but stressing people out. Before this nightmare of pimple comes to you again better to prevent it as soon as possible.

What Causes Pimples

According to the esthetician, pimples might appear over and over again in the same place because a pore has been damaged, so it keeps getting infected by the pimple around it. Moreover, stop it if you like to pick at a blemish. It is because it can lose the cell lining of pore which causing the oil clogged to make it absorbed deeper into the skin, so the result is worsen the inflammatory reaction.

Causes of Pimples

In the first place, there is no exact cause of pimples, but there can be several factors which cause the pimples to appear on your skin, including:

1. Imbalance Hormones

Puberty is the time when you start getting your first breakouts. When your body starts producing hormones called androgens, it causes sebaceous glands to enlarge, which produce extra sebum. This extra oil will find a way up the follicle to the surface of your skin. Later, the oil mixes with dead skin cells and bacteria on the surface. Actually, this process is normal, but because the presence of extra sebum increasing means the chances of pores clogged also increasing. In the end, it causes the pimples appear.

2. Bacteria and Inflammation

Every skin has bacteria living in it which become the natural sebum maintenance system in the skin. But, the worst is plugged follicle makes acne bacteria to rapidly create chemical reaction lead to inflammation in the surrounding skin. Another scenario is when unwanted bacteria from outside come in contact with your skin. Your body automatically activates white blood cells to attack the intruders. This process is called inflammatory response or chemotaxis. As a result, your skin will produce pimples become red, swollen, and painful. Yet, the reaction might different on each person.

How to Prevent It

To keep you away from pimples is simple, you just simply need to:

  • Keep your face always clean. Dirty or oily skin has highest risk of having breakouts.
  • Regularly apply moisturizer on your face to avoid dry skin.
  • Apply light make-up when you have some pimples. Avoid wearing foundation, blush, and powder when you have pimples. If you still need to wear make-up, simply ensure to wash off your face at the end of the day.
  • Avoid putting hair treatment on your hair or tied your hair. Oils, gels, or fragrances on hair can stick on your face, which causes dirt and bacteria to clog your face pores.
  • Don’t touch your face with unwashed hands. You don’t what you have been touched every day, so keep your hands away from your hands. It is because you can add and spread the bacteria lead to scarring and infection.
  • Avoid direct UV light exposure. UV rays can cause redness and inflammation, especially to skin already with pimples. Make sure to always apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30 before going out.

Having face-acne-free is quite simple when you have known how to prevent it from breaking out. So, don’t forget to follow the tips above.

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