Whitehead Pimple – How to Get Rid and Causes

Whitehead pimple is also kind of acnes. This is actually also considered as an acne that appears as small, round, white bumps just like there is something hidden wants to come out outside of your face through the acne. That is why whitehead pimples also well known as closed comedones. This skin issue mostly appears in around your nose, cheeks, temples, and forehead as well.

This pimple is also similar to blackheads but blackheads are dark due to being exposed by oxygen while the whitehead has an appearance in white bumps or a bit yellowish bumps appear on the surface of our face. So, as the people who aware about our skin’s health, we should of course know the causes of this pimple and also the way of remedy towards this skin issue.

Whitehead Pimple

To make sure that you won’t get this skin issues, you also need to know the preventive ideas how to not having this kind of skin issues in the future.

What Causes Whitehead Pimples

Pretty much just the same as many acne causes, whitehead pimples are caused by the clogged skin pores with dirt, sebum, and also dead skin that is trapped. Those clogged pores are actually happening also because of a reason. The mainstream reason is the hormone factor. These hormonal changes such as puberty, menstruation, menopause or even pregnancy can increase the amount of sebum or oil that the pores produce.

Taking certain medicines would also trigger the appearance of this pimple. Other than those hormonal issues, another cause of this skin issue is the genetic factors. Well, it has been done by so many researchers under the result that when your family suffer whitehead then you are going to have a bigger risk of suffering it as well.

How to Get Rid of A Whitehead Pimple Fast

This pimple is actually a mild form of acne, talking about that of course this is easier to be treated rather than another problem of acne. Unfortunately, there is no overnight ways or remedies to solve this skin issue. It could take even until eight weeks for several certain methods of work.

If your whitehead is not being better for about that long then you should contact your doctor for the treatment options. Here is how you can treat your whitehead.

  • Firstly, you can treat your whitehead at home. You can wash your affected area with mild soap regularly twice a day. Rubbing the skin too vigorously or washing too frequently would just make your acne worse. Another treatment is that you can apply the acne treatment product that contains salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, they destroy the bacteria when the acne is there.
  • Secondly, you have to get help from the professionals. You can examine your skin, and also follow the recommendations from them to treat your acne. Usually they would also offer sauna for your skin’s health. Another tip recommended by professionals also sugar scrub that contains sugar, honey and lemon juice to your face.


To prevent whitehead you can start to wash your face really gently using only your fingertips. Besides, you should avid certain materials of skin care product like astringents, masks, toners, and exfoliating soaps. They would irritate your skin worse in this case. Another block your oily make up by putting topical medications before make up to not worsen your acne.

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