How to Use Witch Hazel for Acne Effectively

As it is known that acne is the common problem faced by both women and men, the causes of it are various. It can be caused by hormone, bad habit and environment. Since acne can make people less confident with their appearance, thus acne treatments are developed. Nowadays, it is not only the modern treatment only, but there are many natural acne treatments which can be used easier.

For instance is witch hazel for acne. This plant from North America actually has several great benefits for acne.

Witch Hazel for Acne

Is Witch Hazel Good for Acne?

Talking about acne treatment, since a long time ago witch hazel has been very nice to solve acne problem. It is actually a plant that native to North America and also some parts of Asia. Because of its functions, this plant has been used as a beauty treatment like as soothing properties. Then, now it has been found easier in a beauty product that has antioxidant and astringent benefits. One of the great benefits got from people is to eradicate the bacteria of acnes.

From the explanation above, it means witch hazel can help people to get rid of acne which usually very annoying. With the best ingredients in the product of witch hazel, of course, all of acne problem will be solved as well. Witch hazel can reduce the inflammation caused by acne, decrease oil production and also decrease redness. With eradicating the bacteria like mentioned before, it also can avoid the infection on the skin face.

In addition, since it is a natural remedy the bad side effect in using is none. You can use this remedy to solve all of acne problem having been faced.

How to Use Witch Hazel for Acne

Since there are many good things found in this natural acne remedy, of course you can use it. Then, how to use this witch hazel as the acne treatment? You can find the answer in the following passage.

  • Prepare cotton ball and witch hazel product. The first one is that you should prepare the witch hazel product and the cotton ball to apply it.
  • Wash your face. The second step which must be done is washing the face. Here by doing it, your face will be clean and the works of witch hazel can be maximized in fighting the acne.
  • Apply witch hazel. After that, you just apply the witch hazel by using the cotton ball having been prepared before. Wiping it across the face in order that the remedy can work with all parts of your face.

In using this acne remedy, it is nice actually to use it as the part of your cleansing face. Thus, it can be used every day.


If you look for the natural treatment for acne, the plant of witch hazel can be a good choice. Having been trusted for centuries to solve acne problem, you are able to choose it as your daily cleansing face. Without any side effects, witch hazel becomes the best product you can try for acne problem.

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