Does African Black Soap Clear Acne? Here is The Truth

Do you have acne problem? If you are, now there is nothing to be worried about. It is because of there have been various remedies for acne that can be chosen. For those who want to choose the natural remedies for acne, African black soap can be a good choice.

This soap is believed can help people who face the acne and the problem after acnes like redness.

African Black Soap for Acne

Does African Black Soap Clear Acne?

African black soap has been used by women in Ghana, West Africa since a long time ago. Then, with its great benefits in maintaining the beauty of women skin, this soap now has been the commercial one. For the ingredients itself, there are unrefined Shea butter, cocoa pods ash and coconut oil.

Made of the best ingredients having powerful benefits for the skin, that is why it cleans the skin effectively. In each soap it contains of natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Thus, it can gently clean your skin. Moreover, the ash itself helps to exfoliate the skin, clean debris and sebum without over drying. Also, it can be used to clear up the acne spots and lift the dead skin.

Indeed, with the explanation before we can see that this African black soap becomes a good choice when you want to treat the acne using a natural remedy. The natural anti-bacterial properties of African black soap will help the people to eradicate the acne bacteria. By using it of course not only acne problem, the other problem of the skin will be solved as well. In addition, to find the best result of the soap, you need to wait some weeks to see its effectiveness.

How to Use African Black Soap for Acne

For those who want to use this black soap, there are several steps that all people should know as in the following passage.

  • Knowing how the soap works. For the first one is you understand well about how this black soap works.
  • Testing the soap on your skin. To minimize the allergy symptom, before using this black soap, it is recommended to test it first.
  • Diluting this black soap with hyaluronic acid, ceramides and oils. Since it is a traditional soap made of uncommon ingredients, how to dilute it will not be with water like the common soap.
  • Checking your usage. You do not over exfoliate in using this black soap.
  • Using the soap on the back breakouts. In this case, it helps to clean the acne bacteria on the soap.
  • Trying the soap for psoriasis and eczema.


African black soap is a traditional soap from Ghana which can be used to solve the acne problem in your face. By using it well, of course you are able to get the best result for your skin.

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