Pimple in Ear – How to Get Rid, Causes and Prevention

Most of people must often experience pimple on their face. However, some of you may even have experience pimple in ear. Not only uncomfortable, but if the pimple is big enough it will feel painful. Sometimes, you might not notice the pimple, but when combing hair or your hand touch it, you can feel the pain because the skin in this area is quiet sensitive. If the pimple is bad enough, some people also experience worse symptoms like common cold.

Pimple inside ear is difficult to see and reach which make it more annoying doing the treatments. If you are the one who like to pop your pimple, stop it now! You should follow the proper treatment to get rid on your pimple and how to prevent it.

Pimple in Ear Canal

Ear Pimples Cause

Talking about hygiene, there are several causes of pimple in your ear canal due to the bad habit of yours. For example, you touch or clean your ear with unwashed hands, you wear dirty headphone or earphones too long, some people even had habit on scratching their ear with ballpoint or pencil.

Sometimes, unwashed hair or make-up is also the cause. The accumulation of bacteria or microorganism on those things you use to touch your ear soon will lead to the inflammation or infection that causes pimple growth.

The other cause of this kind of pimple is due to:

  • Unbalance hormones which can be genital or caused by accumulated stress.
  • Allergic to cosmetics, vitamins, or medicines reaction also can cause pimple to grow.
  • Unhealthy diets such as greasy, processed, or fast food make your body lack of nutrition that exhibit in the form of acne.
  • Who know that often using tight helmet also can cause pimple inside ear. It’s because the helmet rubbing against your ear. Moreover, when the helmet is rarely cleaned.

How to Get Rid of a Pimple in Your Ear

1. Peroxide

Peroxide is commonly used for acne or pimple treatment temporarily. It has antibacterial agent to kill the bacteria which cause the pimple in ear. However, peroxide don’t get rid the root cause of the pimple. It just treats the symptoms such as eliminate the ugly look of pimple and create an area that bacteria can’t live so it helps to prevent the future pimples. You can follow these following steps:

  • Wash your hand once or twice to prevent any dirt on your fingers or hand causes pimples get worse.
  • Use alcohol pad to wipe the pimple to keep it from spreading any infection or getting infected. Or you can use cotton swab coated with witch hazel to clear up the affected area.
  • Wash the pimple with water warm with oil free cleanser or natural soap using Q-tip or washcloth.
  • Apply the acne cream that contain 2-10% Benzoyl Peroxide and wait until it dry out. The other option is using hydrogen peroxide. Soak the cotton ball and apply onto the pimple or simply pour the solution into your ear canal. Drain your ear by using cotton swab or throw it into the bowl.

2. Leave Pimples Alone

Typically, pimples whether on your skin face or in the hidden area like ear canal will resolve itself without any treatment. So, let the pimple heal naturally because they usually build up by dirt, earwax, or even your shampoo. In several days, for the common pimples, the lesion will burst open and drain by itself so doesn’t try to squeeze them. When you pop this pimple, it’s not only painful but they also can bleed afterwards which lead to more problems.

While waiting for the pimple to burst out, you can use nonprescription painkiller like ibuprofen to reduce the pain. Remember to never scratch near the affected area or touch it with your hand without washing it first.

3. See a Doctor

If you get stubborn pimple that doesn’t heal itself and still painful after more than one week, you should take a more attention on it. You also may get ear pimple often which covered with black dots or even zit that draining fluid. In this case, you should consult with doctor immediately.

Doctor will help to examine the type of pimple that followed by its several symptoms such as hormonal or bacterial. If the pimple is due to bacterial infection, doctor may give your antibiotic prescription, oral and topical. Other potential medical treatments can also include drain the pimple or boil.


Mostly, ear pimple is happened because of they don’t keep their hygiene habit. So, you can follow these tips to prevent the growth of your pimple.

  • Always wash your hands before touching your ear or the area near it. You don’t know what you have been touched with your hand which make your hand will full of bacteria or dirt.
  • Regularly clean your ear, earlobes, and also behind your ear. To clean inside your ear, don’t use cotton swab but just simply irrigate it with solution.
  • Make sure to wipe your ear thoroughly after shampooing or using any hair product that may touch your ear and leave on the ear.
  • Wipe your telephone, headphone, helmet, or other things that often touch your ear thoroughly, especially when you share it with others because pimple bacteria can spread easily from one place to another.
  • Stop your habit of scratching your ear with things like pencil, ballpoint, keys, etc. that may transfer gems to your ears.

Most of pimples in ear cases is due to bad habit of yours like keep touching your ears with dirty hands. So, changing this behavior is very important as prevention. Common pimple can turn into ear canal infection such as eczema, scalp dermatitis, psoriasis, and others. If you suddenly get very painful pimple, you should consider meet your doctor to get to know the reason.

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