Vitamin E For Acne & Scars – Does Vitamin E Help Acne?

Vitamin E for acne and its benefits are important things that people with acne problem have to know. Vitamin E is widely known as a vitamin that good for our body. However, not all people know that this vitamin is also a good vitamin for acne treatment. Actually, people might also curious about what kind of treatment or what kind of benefit that we get from this vitamin, especially for acne treatment.

Besides that, if vitamin E has benefit for acne, how it can be work? How is the best way to use it?

Vitamin E For Acne

Does Vitamin E Help Acne?

Many people already know about the function of vitamin E for the skin. There are so many skin healthy products that offer the treatment or the skin care that contain the vitamin E. Not only give benefit for body skin, it gives you benefit in treating acne. Vitamin E is known as a fat-soluble vitamin which has many amount of antioxidant in it. Besides that, it is also known with its neurological function, activities of enzymes and also the gene expression.

Talking about the function of vitamin E for acne, this vitamin can help the skin to produce the skin protein. Actually, it helps the regulation of the creation of the skin protection such as the collagen and elastin. Of course, it is something that very important for the skin health. Vitamin E is kind of vitamin that will be easily absorbed into your skin, so it can help to clean the dark spot in the face and scars because of the acne. Of course, it happens because the vitamin helps the regulation of the more healthy skin in our body and face.

How to Use Vitamin E?

There are two ways in consuming or using the vitamin E as your acne and scars treatment. First, use it by oral or consume it. Second, apply the vitamin E in the scars directly. When you want to do the direct application, here are the steps for you.

  • Wash your acne scars area using the cleanser and the water. You do not need to dry it first.
  • Use a cotton ball to rub the oil of Vitamin E into your scars area.
  • You can leave it in about 10 minutes, the rinse it. However, you can do it overnight.
  • When you use it frequently, you will get the better result in your face.


In conclusion, vitamin E is a very important vitamin for skin and for the acne scars treatment. It can help you to get rid your acne scars. You can consume it by oral or you can directly apply it in your skin. It is something that very helpful for your skin since it will help you to regenerate your damaged skin cells and create the new one.

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