Zinc for Acne – Does Zinc Help Acne?

Acne treatment is something that very important for some people. Zinc supplement is one of many examples of acne treatment. Actually, some people already know about the benefits of zinc supplement in cleaning the acne. However, some other might still confused and have many questions about it.

Of course, when it comes to the treatment of acne, we cannot take it easy, since it is related to our face. So, make sure that you know about the benefit of zinc supplement in our acne treatment.

Zinc Picolinate for Acne

Does Zinc Help Acne?

The benefits of zinc supplement for acne come from its content. Actually, people who suffer from acne detected to have low zinc in their body. It means that, people who have problems with acne may lack of zinc in their body. Of course, it shows how zinc is important to our body, so that acne will never come back in our face. There are some important of zinc to treat the acne problem in our face, and it’s because of lack of zinc, we get the problem with acne.

Some experts said that when we have enough amount of zinc, we might get the enough vitamin A in our skin. In which, it can help the balance of the hormones in our body. It is also found that zinc can help the renewing in your skin. In this case, it has worked with apoptosis or has a work with the cell death in your skin. Therefore, it is something that’s very important to get enough amounts to our body, so that we can get better skin healthy condition. That is how we can get the benefits of zinc for acne treatment. Then, how is about the application of zinc treatment?

How Much Zinc to Take for Acne?

The average amount of zinc that you have in a day is about 15 until 30 milligrams. So, when you decide to take zinc for your acne, it is enough to get it 10-15 milligrams per day. But, when you decide not to consume the supplement directly, you can consume several things like crab, oysters, pumpkin seeds and grass-fed beef and lamb.


In conclusion, zinc can give the benefits of the acne healing. It can bring some important things for our skin and it becomes problematic when we lack it. Of course, it would be better to get enough amount of zinc supplement in our body. We can fulfill it by consuming the supplement or by taking some foods that contain enough zinc in a day.

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