Cold Sore vs. Pimple – Difference between Cold Sore and Pimple

Many people are not aware that cold sore or pimple may appear to be the same. The symptoms start with inflamed red bump on skin, especially on your face. Sometimes this red bump could grow near your lip, chin, and even nostril. At first you may think of these bumps as pimples, but wait a second, it may be a cold sore. So, how do we identify these two problems cold sore vs pimple? In order to answer this question, we need to know the causes.

Cold Sore vs. Pimple Causes

Pimples are similar with acnes. According to Mayo Clinic research, pimple can be caused by the excessive production of oil in skin. Acnes can also show up due to dead skin cells and bacteria. However, the cause is different when it comes to cold sores. Cold sores appear because someone is infected with herpes virus type 1 or also known as HSV-1. The disease can be developed through a kiss, intercourse, sharing towels, eating utensils, and razors. In some cases, someone can be infected by the virus only because his or her personal belongings have been touched by the person who suffers this virus.

Cold Sore vs. Pimple on Lip

Cold Sore or Pimple Symptoms & Characteristics

Talking about pimple or cold sore sometimes can be quite overwhelming since there are not many people who are familiar with the characteristics of the diseases. Apparently, anyone could develop the two skin problems. In other words, no matter how old you are, whether you are children or adults, you can suffer these two diseases.

Cold Sore

Typically, this disease may erupt between within 2 to 20 days after the infection. Before you develop this disease you should be aware of the condition of your skin. In this case, your skin becomes so tender. Sometimes you will also feel as if your skin is burning and tingling. The typical disease appears in watery form. It can grow easily in your mouth and sadly at some points it may be rupture. For that reason, the treatment for this disease should also become one of the main concerns. However, may only develop the cold sore virus for once in a lifetime. The virus may stop developing, but basically it stays in your body forever.


The pimples are usually red, and have white or black tips. The white pimples are made on follicle wall swells as well as the made the black headed. The white one is formed after the bacteria is kept in the skin. Commonly, pimples happen during the puberty; nevertheless, people with highly sensitive skin may also have similar problem. Pimple is an ongoing skin problem, it could last for years.


There are actually some ways to treat the two problems, what are they?

Cold sores

  • The first treatment for this disease is not to squeeze it, especially with your hands since it contains many bacteria and it can cause scars. If you pop your cold sores, it is guarantee that the other parts of your body will also be infected by this virus.
  • In cold sores, you also need to be aware that this virus can also develop in your body after you suffered lack of sleep or insomnia, sun exposures, immune system deficiency, stress, illness and fever, injury, menstruation, and many more.
  • Another option for the first disease is by going to the doctor. At this point, commonly the doctor will prescribe you a prescription that can actually lasts for about 2 to 4 months. However, there are some ways where you need to speed up the healing process.
  • Usually the doctor should give an antiviral medication. It can be in form of pills or crèmes. There are three kinds of pills, “valacyclovir (Valtrex), acyclovir (zovirax), and famciclovir (Famvir). It is also much recommended for those who suffer the disease to protect their body parts, especially the mouth part. Another thing that you can use to heal the disease is the cold compress.


  • Try not to touch it with your bare hands since it contains many bacteria. If you squeeze your pimple, it will make the bacteria sinks deeper in your skin.
  • Pimples can be treated easily all you need is to check and put on some medicine or home treatments in your skin like honey, avocado masker, and so forth.
  • However, if the pimples are too strong and keep coming back, it is highly recommended for you to go and see dermatologist. They will help you to deal with this skin problem.

There are list of things that you should pay attention before you begin popping your pimples:

  • Remember that popping pimples could lead to unhealthy skin,
  • Forget to remove make up at night,
  • Try not to eat as many as dairy products,
  • Try to do some sports or medications.
  • Try to deal with hormonal changes,
  • Women who develops pimple may get it from their hormonal changes,
  • Stress and insomnia may also lead to pimples.

Overall, when it comes to pimple vs cold sore the symptoms and treatments must be different to one another. So, you should be careful when you start recognizing the skin problem and try to do the right treatment.

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