Face Mapping: What the Pimples on Every Part of Your Face Means

You are doing the careful skin care, avoid eating specific foods, only eat healthy foods, and other things to prevent breakouts. But, what happened? Pimples keep coming out of your face over and over again. Face Mapping is a theory to learn the cause of pimple breakouts related to your inner health.

Later, the pimple face map will help to choose the right treatment for your acne problems.

Face Mapping Pimples

Forehead Pimples

Pimples that developed in forehead area are usually linked to the digestive system. You might be indicated having some problems with liver or digesting some certain foods. Stress and irregular sleep also become the causes.

The solution can be offered include having enough regular sleep about 7-9 hours each night from 10pm to 6am. If the problem is indicated to liver issue, you should drink plenty of water and reduce soda or carbonated beverages. Hot water with lemon can be a good option in the morning. Eat papaya or foods with high fibers to help your digestive system break down the foods easily.

Between the Brows Pimples

Pimples develop around the brows usually connected to unhealthy diet and habit. Junk foods which usually greasy and high fat, including too much alcohol, must be avoided. So, you need to stick with healthy foods. Avoid late night snacks and smoking. Follow your diet with exercise and regular sleep to keep your health.

Cheeks Pimples

Upper cheeks people are linked with lung issues, while lower cheeks is linked with mouth issues. High contact with polluted air, like spending hours in traffic hours, might be the reason why you develop pimples on your cheeks. Allergies which affect your respiratory system can the other reason. Moreover, the habit of spending hours phoning with the cell phone screen touching your cheeks can transfer the germs or bacteria to your face.

You need to get more fresh air whether takes a walk in the mountain or simply grow purify plants at your home such as snake plant, spider plant, wax begonia, and many others. Do some aerobic exercise during 7-9am when your lung condition is the strongest. If you live in a polluted city, always practice proper hygiene.

Nose Pimples

Nose pimples are usually linked with heart issues. On preventing nose pimples, you will recommend to eat less salt, meat, pungent foods, high vitamin B, and not too cold or hot. Follow with regular exercise every morning to get more fresh air. Do some gentle massage your nose to get better circulation.

Chin Pimples

Change in hormones and small intestine issues most likely the main causes of chin pimples. During the menstrual period, women always experience high androgen hormone production, which causing extra sebum production lead to pimples. So, you need to eat more fresh fruits and veggies and get enough sleep about 7-8 hours each night to help control your hormonal cycles. Follow with exercise and help to relax your body to avoid stress. You can do some yoga, meditation, or massaging.

So, what kind of pimples which usually break out on your face? Do some face mapping to get proper treatments!

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