Pimple on Eyelid – How to Get Rid, Causes and Prevention

Pimple on eyelid or also known as bump is a kind of infections or inflammation on your upper, lower or under the eyelid. The most common symptom is the appearance of red bump which is very similar to an acne or boil on the eyelid along with painful feeling when we blink or touch it. Of course the condition is very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, not all people know well what it is. It is also due to the fact that this disease is actually rarely happened except your immune system is already low.


There are some theories or even myths why eyelid pimple is appeared. In many places it is even known that the pimple in eyelid is because being bitten by animal or insect. In fact, it can be suffered by anybody even the babies because of bacteria namely Staphylococcus aureus. The ways of spreading are also various. The most common causes are related to dust, dirt, or the use of cosmetics around the eyes.

Pimple on Eyelid (Under and Upper)

There are basically three kinds of pimple inside eyelid namely Styes (Sty), halazia, and Xanthelasma. Stye and Chalazia are different based on where the pimple is appeared whether it is inside or outside the eyelid. Meanwhile, Xanthelasma is a kind of pimple which is not painful when it is touched although it is still bumped and red.

How to Get Rid of Pimple on Eyelid

There are 2 treatments which can be used to get rid of pimples on your eyelid. They are home remedies and medical treatments.

1. Home Remedies

a. Garlic

Interestingly, you can use the food ingredients and spices around you to overcome this problem. Indeed, the result can be different from one person to another. However, it is very good if you try one of them. One of the ideas is using garlic. It is because garlic contains antibacterial compound. How to make this traditional medication is very easy.

  • Prepare a piece of garlic and then pulverize it smoothly.
  • Put the garlic paste on the area of pimple. You should be very careful when doing it so that the paste will not touch your eye. When the paste is on your eyelid, it will feel hot and painful for a moment.
  • Wait for it until the heat and pain is not felt anymore.
  • Remove and clean it carefully.
  • Do it regularly until you think the pimple is disappeared.

b. Curcuma

Other ideas are by using Curcuma. The way to use it as medicine is very similar with the garlic.

  • Pulverize it until curcuma becomes paste.
  • Put it on the part of eyelid pimple.
  • Wait for some minutes before your eyelid is cleaned.

c. Betel Leaves

Meanwhile, for the betel leaves, you can use its sap or gum by smearing it on the pimple. Another way is by boiling some betel leaves and then the water is being smeared on your eyelid.

d. Just Let It Be

Actually the easiest thing you can do is not doing anything. This pimple is actually not dangerous or anything. It is just a common system on your skin to remove the dirt and germ on it. Well, it is although the process is really painful and not interesting. You can wait for it to deflate by itself around 3 days to two weeks. Yes, it means that the pimple is not disappearing more than two weeks you need to do a medical check anyway. The most important thing when waiting it to be depleted is by not touching or squeezing it. Bad treatment of white pimples on eyelid can cause the worse things like irritation.

e. Using Warm Water

However, if you are not patient enough to let it deflate by itself and want to do something, there is a simple way to be done. You can use warm water to wash and compress the pimple regularly. This is mainly functioned to let the pus become removed or come out faster. Besides, it is quite effective as well to make your eyelid feel lighter and reduce the pain.

  • Prepare warm water and cosmetic cotton about two or three sheets.
  • Pour or dye it with the warm water and warm it smoothly.
  • Put the cotton on the area where the pimple is for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Do it at least twice a day until you feel the pimple is gone.

2. Medical Treatments

a. Antibiotic

Normal eyelid pimple doesn’t need any medical treatment in general. As it has been mentioned before, it is basically a normal process to remove the bacteria or germ from your eyelid skin. However, there are still complication possibilities. It is commonly happened when the pimple is occurred on baby and children’s eyelid. Of course, we cannot simply avoid them touching or even scratching the pimple, can we? Therefore, for such reasons medical treatment can be the best solution. Going to the ophthalmologist is also a good thing to be done when you think you don’t find it cured or disappeared for more than two weeks. Or, it is if the bump is getting bigger until it covers the whole part of the eyelid.

b. Small Operation

For such growing bump, indeed, antibiotic can be the only answer whether it is in the form of medication paste. Sure, you need to consume it along with the receipt by the ophthalmologist. If with such medication the pimple is not disappeared, the doctor commonly offers you a small operation. The cutlet used is namely Curetase to pull out the gland that causes the bump. You should not worry as the operation only needs few minutes to do with local anesthesia. As the cutlet is not big as well, it will not leave any scar.


Sure, the most important thing is keeping your body including around your eyes clean and fresh. It is like by cleaning and washing the area regularly so that the dust and pollution will not be remained there. For women, make sure you always clean and remove your make up after all your activities are done. Undeniably, those things can be a place where the bacteria and other germs grow up.

Pimple in eyelid is not a dangerous disease. However, the right treatment is needed so that it can be cured faster. More than that, it is much better to keep yourself clean including parts around your eyes to make sure that they are able to stay healthy and of course beautiful.

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