Shoulder Pimples – Prevention, How to Get Rid and Causes

Shoulder pimples are appearing in the area under the head and around the shoulders and upper back area. They appear just like bumps or cysts in those areas.. Well, now let’s find out the causes, and also the remedies of this pimple. Besides, we will find the preventive ways to not be in suffer of shoulders acne as well.

Pimples on Shoulders Causes

The causes of pimples on the shoulders are also determining the type of this skin issue. The first cause is because of the accumulation of the sweat underneath the shoulder pads, tight-fighting clothes or brassiere straps. Then it produces more oil and sebum which leads to the breakout of the skin. This is what we call as Acne Mechanica on shoulders.

Shoulder Pimples

Second one is steroid acne. This is actually of the effects that appear after the injection of steroid drug which leads to the skin inflammation.

Third cause is the consumption of the antibiotics. Certain antibiotics like penicillin or doxycycline are the common ones that have the impact towards inflammation on shoulders.

Last of all is acne conglobata, the pimple that is mostly caused by genetics and also the injection of steroids or certain drugs. This type is the most severe types of acne on shoulders which is difficult to be treated.

How To Get Rid Of Shoulder Pimples

1. Efoxiliate while showering

Since the dead skin cells can block the pores and causing pimple on the shoulder as well, so you need to exfoliate mildly by using proper soap. Blue clay soap with mint, lavender and mineral is recommended. Use this just as usual when you use soap while showering.

2. Raw apple cider vinegar

  • Do this before shower since the smell of vinegar is really friendly.
  • Just dip the cotton lightly to the apple cider vinegar.
  • Apply the cotton into the affected area of your shoulders.

The antibacterial material and the characteristics of the vinegar would be beneficial to treat the pimple.

3. Sea salt

You can just scrub your affected body using dead sea salt by exfoliating them.This is not really recommended for you who have sensitive skin, you can do this less or not at all.

4. Aloe Vera masks

  • Mix the fresh aloe Vera with avocado oil.
  • Apply to the pimples.
  • Let it be for around 5 minutes, then you can rinse in the shower.


Be hygienic

Go to the shower right away after doing your activities or such exercises. This will clean your body directly from the pores and dirt so there would be no growing bacteria or oil that would lead to the pimples.

Watch what you wear

Don’t wear rough textures for your clothes like ribbed fabrics or heavy that would only make exacerbation and irritation of your skin. Wear the loose ones and avoid using bleach in your cloth-washing, it would irritate your skin worse.

Use acne fighting soap or cream

Rub the affected area lightly with the cream or soap that contains benzoyl peroxide. This is recommended by almost every dermatologist to treat pimples.

The causes of this pimple are sweat accumulation, steroid injection, and antibiotic consumption. They usually appear just like acne on the shoulders, but somehow more dangerous. It can be cured by efoxiliation, raw apple cider vinegar, dead sea salt, and aloe Vera. Being hygienic, watching what you wear and using acne fighting soap or cream in proper ways would best for the preventions.

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